My article on the supplement DMAA( its safer than you think)

Methylhexanamine, or as we are most probably used to seeing it called in supplements as , 1,3-dimethylamylamine is a decongestant and an aliphatic amine, Its actually most potent used as an inhaler, and this is how it was first used.
However as we know it contains some very exciting properties.
1,3-dimethylamylamine Has a strong affect on the CNS system allowing users to be able to push harder for longer, increases reaction times, and it also improves muscle contraction and response.
It has the ability to increase body temperature as potent thermogenic, and it offers quite profound stimulatory affects, These are all things that many fitness enthusiasts pursue.
One thing to note is that DMAA has a very long half life, so multiple doses in a short period are not needed to achieve the required results, doing so is one of the reasons DMAA has got a bad name, overdosing on a serious compound as with any substance can bring on undesired results like elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, a drop in body temperature.
Thankfully many studies have been carried out showing its safety when used responsibly.
Here are 2 Studies showing the safety of DMAA

Authors: Richard Bloomer PhD, Innocence Harvey BS, Tyler Farney MS, Zach Bell MS, Robert Canale MS. Affiliation: Department of Health and Sports Science. University of Memphis, Memphis, TN.

In this randomized, double-blind, crossover trial, conducted by an independent scientist without involvement of the company, 10 healthy, exercise-trained men and women were given varying amounts of DMAA, caffeine, and DMAA/caffeine in a single serving and then had their heart rate and blood pressure evaluated. Regarding DMAA alone, a 50 mg dose resulted in no significant change in heart rate, while a small change in systolic blood pressure was noted. This change was not statistically different than the changes reported in the scientific literature for an amount of caffeine equivalent to 2-3 cups of coffee. At the highest dose of DMAA tested, systolic blood pressure did increase to a statistically greater degree than that seen with caffeine (250 mg) alone. This dose is 25% greater than the maximum amount consumed under the label directions for use and warnings for Jack3d and OxyElite Pro. No serious adverse events were noted in this study.


We report for the first time that acute oral geranamine intake by healthy men and women results in a signifi cant increase in blood pressure, without impacting HR. The effect appears dose dependent, in particular for SBP, with a greater increase at 75 mg compared with 50 mg. The addition of caffeine to geranamine (at a dosage of 50 mg) increases the percent change from pre-ingestion in RPP, but does not influence other variables in a statistically signifi cant manner. The changes in HR and blood pressure cannot be explained by circulating NE and EPI. Future studies are needed to determine what, if any, change in resting HR and blood pressure may be noted with chronic ingestion of geranamine.


Authors: Richard Bloomer PhD, Brian Schilling PhD, Paul Whitehead MS, Tyler Farney MS. Affiliation: Department of Health and Sports Science. University of Memphis, Memphis, TN. Date: Feb 2012

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial consisting of 25 healthy, exercise-trained men, subjects consumed DMAA in accordance with the labeled directions for use and warnings or a placebo for ten weeks. When comparing baseline values with those after 10 weeks of consumption, no statistically significant change in heart rate, blood pressure, liver or kidney function were noted compared to placebo. DMAA was well tolerated with no serious adverse effects noted

I think we can conclude that when used responsibly DMAA offers highly favourable results.

There probably isn’t a stronger thermogenic CNS stimulant on the market, its multi-faceted  capacity to increase endurance and improve performance while increasing alertness and response, all at the same time as burning fat makes this unique and hard to get hold of.

 DMAA offers peripheral adrenergic activity that  stimulates the CNS through that pathway, and it dilates the bronchioles, this allowers the user to have increased lung capacity as it keeps the lungs relaxed and offers a clearer airway and easier breathing.

Methylhexamine’s pharmacological properties include anti-hypotension and mild vasoconstrictor effects, this accounts for its inhibition of catecholamine uptake and release but its the unique competitive inhibition of norepinephrine reuptake that is the primary mode of action, when catecholamine reuptake is suppressed extracellular levels are increased dramatically while the suppressor (Methylhexamine) competes to occupy the catecholamine receptor, which also decreases susceptibility to catalytic enzymes,then once the receptors become vacant catecholamines are once again able to bind and exhibit an effect.  chemicals such as epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine are all Catecholamines  . Although methylhexamine is known as a vasoconstrictor it should be noted that its effects are mainly seen in the skin and stomach areas while increased blood flow occurs in the muscles themselves. Giving a tight vascular look.

People feel good on DMAA and that’s because of its action on Dopamine, it increases focus through this action, also it causes the breakdown of glycogen for use as energy as well as increased oxidation of adipocytes.

All in all DMAA is the supplement you should be taking to help achieve your goals, its also the supplement that when its no longer available you wish you had to give you that mental and physical edge, Don’t just compete, Dominate.!

Kindest regards Russianstar.


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