TUF 18 episide 2 sore losers and a lot of pent up jealousy.

#UFC, I have watched all the previous TUF seasons, but this has to be the most interesting and compelling, I could write a case study on Ronda Rousey who is managing to display all the signs of jealous envy available to her, despite seeming to have the upper hand as a mixed martial artist based on her previous fight with her opponent Meisha Tate.

It seems her of lack of control wore off on Shayna Baszler who without a doubt is the most experienced TUF competitor in the female ranks, so one would think she could act in a professional way and keep her emotions to one side. We all know fighters like to trash talk, but her lack of humility has won her no favours after a resounding loss.

Instead of everyone being able to focus on arguably the most attractive TUF contestant Julianna Pena, and her notable victory over Miss Baszler, all we have had is complaining and excuses from someone who used to have a lot of respect. The thing is, if you have the audacity to put the death card in someone’s cleavage, you really need to back it up with a top performance. Her psychology was typical of many who fight on the show, they act the part, but they show by so many signs they are defeating themselves before the fight even takes place, she was talking in a way so that she could make herself believe she could do it, instead of having faith that her actions needed no backing up with cheap words, she was so scared of her opponent, a relative unknown usurping her, that she didn’t even focus on what she does best, mentally she was beaten. and as soon as she started to get beat up, she split open, as she was already broken before the fight started. She disrespected Miss Pena, and that gave her even more drive to destroy someone that she had previously had a huge amount of respect for. Shayna, you wondered why you had always missed the boat to the UFC, I think you answered that quite resoundingly yourself, Mental toughness, and your seeming lack of it.

Ronda’s inability to keep a lid on her envy of Meisha tate could end up being her undoing, it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you lose it mentally your opening yourself up to a loss, so hopefully her coaches will help her regain control, perhaps it was her own selfish desire to beat Meisha tate that caused her to make such a bad first pick, give Baszler an easy as possible route to the finale would of been my choice, to try and get my team to with the TUF, That wasn’t how Ronda’s brain worked, and shes got a 0/1 on the board now because of it.

I still think the teams are pretty even, and its early days, but unless Ronda learns to relax and really gain her teams respect, I cant see things getting better for her or her team.

The next episode hopefully will provide us with as much entertainment and as much psychological material to motivate further discussion.

Its easy to critique from an arm chair or in front of your computer, but if you put yourself out there, you have to expect it, criticism that offers insight is invaluable if its valued.

Hope you read my next article soon. RS




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