Tuf 18 episode 3 (No surprises)

This episode of the ultimate fighter gave us a very interesting insight into the minds and lives of a few of the fighters in the house.

Chris Beal is a very likeable member of the TUF cast, and we heard the sad story of how his brother died tragically, It seems though that’s where the sincerity stopped and his part, as he didn’t truly believe in himself. We saw him laying on the floor telling himself he was undefeated, That is a typical example of someone wanting to believe who lacks self belief. He does have great stand up, but thinking your the best athlete in the house, wont give you wins, he certainly didn’t seem as athletic as his opponent, he wasn’t as explosive, and his stand up defence showed that he needs a lot of coaching if he is to become a force as a fighter. First things first, fighters need to stop allowing Ronda’s way of thinking to affect them, she is so emotional around the camp, that subconsciously it will affect those she is coaching, just look at her coach if you want an example of allowing emotions to control you, and make you look like a total tool.

Chris Holdsworth , showed that he is quite a deep character in some aspects, very confident, doesn’t need to trash talk, likes to think he’s a ladies man, and backs it up in the octagon with superb footwork, and a killer instinct. He will certainly be one to watch, And as we can see he has already caught miss Pena’s eye, Who is showing all the signs of someone who likes the Alpha male personality. Sadly Chris doesn’t have that, but he is confident, His lack of sincerity when miss Pena wrote a supporting letter left us with no surprises  as he showed the reaction of a typical guy who was shocked by her seeming interest, as she is both attractive, and on occasion quite irritating with her accents, however she does seem to have real integrity and is a lot deeper as a person than many realise,  which I am sure will be made manifest during up-coming episodes. Mr Holdsworth was inspired by his brother, its amazing how many people get inspired to fight by tragedy, Its like many of the best songs are inspired by ANX , and so it seems are many of the best fighters. Losing your brother in such a terrible way illustrates just how fragile our lives are, and doing as much as we can with them, in the time we have should be everyone’s prerogative.

Once again, we saw Ronda trying to be intimidating, with her body language and her talk, the way she positioned her body to be close to Brian carraway ,Meisha’s BF was quite interesting, Sadly it backfired, as she for some reason then decided to call her coach for help when challenged by Meisha over her striking ability. Her frustrations over the picks, and her girl losing in the last episode seems to have weakened her confidence, and Meisha’s ability to stay calm and composed riles Ronda up even more. Thankfully Edmond Tarverdyan was on hand to call Bryan caraway out, Firstly you don’t fight in the UFC, you have fought two unknown fighters, you act like a douche, and you call someone out and walk off as you do, showing the signs of someone who is worried the person he’s talking too will react. Good work Ronda he really helped, he even managed to bring up a tweet over a year old by Mr Carraway, saying he would knock Ronda’s teeth right down her throat, Very sweet Brian, but so you know “Diamond” Tarverdyan of Armenia, I think it was less of a threat and more trash talk, Just like you did on the show, just to help you get that in perspective. Good work though, using the cameras as an excuse as to why you couldn’t get a beating from Carraway, that was very thoughtful of you, recognising his position as TUF assistant coach would be compromised, and you might be in hospital getting teeth removed from your own throat.

I was quite impressed by how Carraway responded, by staying sat down, I’m not a fan, but that showed he wasn’t intimidated by Edmund, (if you don’t know him, google him, I think something might come up, cant guarantee it though.)

All in all a very interesting episode, Some people need to get over themselves, others need to get over others… not mentioning names.

And if your going to say you don’t let emotions get to you Shayna, you really need to show it, not keep talking about it. You could still win this competition, you certainly have the talent.

Until next week, that is all.

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