UFC 165 The pretender to the crown!

UFC 165 that takes place on the 22nd of September in Toronto, Canada, may be the toughest challenge for current Light heavy weight fighter Jon “BONES” Jones. He will face the slightly taller Alexander “THE MAULER” Gustafsson.

Bones is arguably the most devastating fighter in the UFC, he doesn’t have one punch knockout power, not that we have seen, but he delivers a huge array of strikes that cause huge amounts of damage. Weather he decides to use his length to stay away from The Maulers knockout power, or tries to take Gustafsson down might be key. However Bones fought against one of the best counter attacking strikers, and even had his chin tested when he fought Machida, but stood firm and showed on the feet he can stand with anyone. We know his wrestling is world class, weve seen his striking, but have we seen him fight someone as good as Gustafsson before? I say no, Gustafsson is a powerful striker, a tremendous athlete, his personality shows someone with tremendous mental strength and belief, he doesn’t need to trash talk, or big himself up, and that speaks a lot of someone who is still new to this game, Jon jones thinks its because he is timid, and a bit shy, But he shows by his psyche its nothing to do with either, instead he has so much confidence he doesn’t need to be a showman. They say the quietest men at the bar are the most dangerous, And I predict a really difficult fight for Bones.

Sadly this fight has come a bit to soon for Gustafsson, But im sure after his performance on sunday, it will change the light heavy weight division, and the weakness of Jon bones jones may just be exposed, his stand up defence. Bones is so good on his feet, he sometimes forgets to keep his hands up and circles towards the opponents dominant hand, And I think that will be where Gustafsson will get his biggest opportunity to cause damage, that is if Bones chooses to stand, I don’t see Gustafsson’s take down defence being good enough to keep it standing, but his jujitsu is good, and we nearly saw Belfort capitalise on Jones leaving his arms available to grab as he tries to drop elbows in the mount, With Gustafssons active guard, and long limbs and body, it might make dropping elbows a lot more difficult for Bones who normally dwarfs his opponents.

Bones is the best all round fighter the UFC has ever seen, with some of the most brutal fight game, and tremendous flair for flashy moves that cause a lot of damage. Cardio wont be key as both have tremendous cardio, both have good chins, And the only noticeable loss for Gustaffson was to a wrestler, Phil Davies. He has worked very hard on his submission defence, and I cant see him losing like that.

If it goes to a decision Bones will have landed more significant strikes, and more take downs, If its a TKO it will be Bones who gets that with his brutal fighting style. If its a K.O then that’s the only place I see a possible victory for the pretender to the crown. I don’t see a submission taking place, I think both fighters are too strong and too good at defending submissions now. The pretender to the crown will get another chance, but this one goes to Bones, but I think hes going to get a bit of a surprise from the swede, who is a lot better I think than even his fans realise, its not just his fighting ability, but his mind-set. Get used to him, because he will be a long time contender.

UFC 165 will be one of the best cards of the year. I cant wait to watch it on BTsport in the U.K, so a big thank you to the UFC for such a great card!.

Until next time RS.


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