Love or Hate, im not here to discriminate. ( a poem)

Love intoxicates, secretes hate, drives you insane, but its just a game

Your sanity deprived, where it once thrived, denied at the last, how quick it passed

The feeling now lost, at great cost, your no longer a host, just a remembering toast, a forgotten obsession, now just a lingering ghost.

Lost inside the plain of eternity, searching for your own tranquillity, hoping for a favour, anyone could be your saviour.

You look where love once was, but its moved on, long gone, your forlorn, your freedom is born

No nagging, constant fights, the arguments, the sleepless nights, no kisses on cups,no messy hair or the smell of perfume, now just deafening quiet.

Wanting it all back, to be that light shining bright in the night, to be her shining knight.

A dream that once existed, a whisper on the breeze, like the wind splashing the trees leaves, a forgotten time revisited.

To find something true, never let it go, hold on to, keep it close, find something special and never let it loose.

Then out of the blue, born of pain, no longer searching, a spark flickers, a reaction, that feeling again.

Your eyes meet, the chemistry ignites, your feelings flourish fast, both of you each others lights.

Out of the darkness when least expected, true love blooms unaffected, it has no master, no driver, no one at the helm, just let it overwhelm.

Suffocated the sweetest way, its intoxication you hope will never fade away, it secretes in its own magical illusion

A fusion of two very different hearts, all connected, each part, they finally start, everything leading to this, the first kiss

The key is turned, they ignite, the brightest light, a roaring flame, no need for a game

Above all the antics, or cleverly planned tricks, together they stay, never to fade away.

Waking to the smell of perfume, messy hair, kisses on cups, ladders in tights, those beautiful eyes, that smile so bright.

Love intoxicates, it secretes everything that’s great, its never on time and never late, its unexpected, but its always worth the wait.


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