How to raise your Growth hormone levels, its easier than you think.

Hi everyone, I hope training is going well!

No doubt you get tired of all the advertising and hype over OTC supplements that can supposedly raise GH levels 600 percent and tone you up, increase fat loss, improve sleep bla bla, They all add a unique blend of ingredients that are supposed to be the best, some are time released capsules, some are in liquid form and most are totaly useless but still get bought by the vast majority in a vain attempt to reach their individual goals, or in desperation hoping that at last a GH product that works… Only to be let down and dissapointed.

Why do we keep getting taken in by fancy packaging, false claims and expensive price tags? Many different reasons no doubt… but not one product on the market today is as efficient as the following supplements for raising basal GH levels.

Have you ever heard of Gly or G in abbreviated form? Ok il give you a clue… its an organic compound.. ok heres another its an Amino acid, its sweet tasting… ok heres its formula NH2CH2COOH. Have you got it yet? Its the smallest of the 20 amino acids that you will find in protein, the amino acid GLYCINE!

So what does it do, how does it raise gh?

Well Glycine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, the other main one being GABA, sadly GABA isnt very biovailable and has a whole host of sides, This means a more relaxed and better cordinated body, with less stress levels, this in itself lowers cortisol allowing more free testosterone as less is bound, plus less fat storage, in as easy a way as I can explain this, Glycine does this by relating to the hyperexictability of CNS neurons, thereby depleting them of potassium and chloride and reducing their ability to be stimulated, so a CALMER more in control YOU.

Glycine helps convert Glucose into energy, it helps create muscle tissue and mature satelite muscle cells, it helps with repair of both DNA and RNA strands, vital for those who workout on a regular basis, It boosts the bodys own production of creatine ,as creatine is manufactured in the human body from L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine.
Thats the first bit of good news as it leads to more ATP thus more cell energy, stronger lifts, faster recovery, better muscle growth amongst a whole host of other benefits.

Glycine plays a very important part as a neurotransmitter in the brain, the end results being better performance, improved vision, faster response times, again important in many sports.
Glycine is also part of the structure that makes up Hemoglobin and intake increases oxgen uptake by blood cells again increasing recovery, and muscle pumps, it also improves glycogen uptake in the muscles without affecting insulin levels, one study showed that even when consumed with sugars Glycogen uptake was increased in the muscles without affecting insulin levels, how? Well Glycine increases Glucagon release one of the bodys most powerfull fat burning hormones, increasing energy release from fat cells while at the same time increasing glycogen retention = Bigger muscles, faster recovery and better body composition.

So far then weve seen its numerous benefits and havent even got to the good bit.

But before we get there lets carry on looking at its benefits, Glycine helps convert many potentially harmful substances including toxic phenolic materials such as benzoic acid (sodium benzoate) into harmless forms, any acid can be a potential toxin if its not a natural food product, so again Glycine can act as a powerfull Anti-oxidant.

Glycine is involved with collagen formation and its benefits again are numerous, improved skin tone, and stronger tendons, to be exact, collagen is made up of 35% glycine.

Ok il cut to the chase, its affects on GH levels are outstanding.

A quote from one U.S study.

“Glycine is a nonessential amino acid contained in gelatin protein and is an important component of collagen. Although much of the early research revolved around glycines ability to increase strength in athletes, more recent studies have documented that oral glycine can indeed raise growth hormone levels in humans. In fact, researchers have hypothesized that the reason glycine has been found to increase muscle strength in many studies, (with females experiencing a 22% increase and men a 32% increase in cycle ergometry workloads after ingestion of 5 to 12 grams of glycine daily) may be the result of its growth-hormone-boosting capabilitie”
“One study clearly illustrated glycines ability to act as a GH secretagogue. When 19 normal, non-obese subjects consumed 6.75 grams of glycine orally, growth hormone levels significantly increased for 3 hours, reaching a maximum of 3 to 4 times that of baseline at 2 hours. Interestingly, the only group of subjects not deriving a growth-hormone-boosting benefit from glycine was non-obese diabetics. According to the researchers, glycine is one of the stimulatory agents inducing the pituitary gland to secrete hGH”

The problem here is glycine even though very oral biovailable needs a few extra things to really reach its potential, but even without them, stimulating GH release after training, first thing AM and last thing at night can prove to be a valuable aid.
Adding serine, weve all seen P-serine in PCT supplements as it lowers cortisol, well combining Glycine with Serine or P-serine (phosphatydilserine) it allows for all the Glycine consumed to be used to get to work, As Glycine supplementation increases the amount produced in the body, and its biosynthesized in the body from the amino acid serine. Supplementing with both increases the amount of Glycine directly acting as a GH stimulator.
The other key is the intake of Taurine, According to animal studies, taurine produces anxiolytic effect and may act as a modulator or antianxiety agent in the central nervous system by activating the glycine receptor, so the effects of glycine are exagerated by stacking Taurine with Glycine.
In my own studies ive seen basal rises of over 30 percent with each dose of Glycine, taurine and p-serine, thats more than most peptides!!!
That in GH terms is huge, plus your getting increased ATP, creatine, stronger tendons, more fat loss from the Glucagon releasing effects, increased glycogen uptake, improved prostate health as Glycine protects the prostate though exactly how is still being disputed, Faster recovery, improved mood, better utilisation of food through improved digestion, bigger pumps, the list goes on and on…

One other key, it can be taken along with GH to increase fat loss, and prevent un even insulin spikes, while never impairing the effects of the synthetic GH..

Dosing should be as follows.

Glycine 3g 3x ed.
Taurine 300-500mg 2xed.
P-serine 200mg-600mg 3 x ed.

Taking them on an empty stomach increases the results, but they are still effective with food, cycles of 6-8 weeks are most effective and then a rest period to avoid negative feedback lowering GH release.

These are all cheap, and very important, and most of all it works without all the hype and packaging, why, because Glycine directly stimulates GH release in the pituitary gland.

I hope you join me for my next article, Kind regards RS.


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