Russianstar: Experiences with Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin profile.

Firstly just so everyone knows what we are talking about here is a look at one of the best peptides available.

Ipamorelin is a GHRP (growth hormone releasing peptide) receptor-active GH secretagogue, it doesnt significanly effect cortisol or prolactin, so this makes it highly specific for GH release.


It has also been found that 12 weeks of treatment with ipamorelin increased bone mass in young adult female rats in one study that can be found on pubmed.

It is important to remember that Ipamorelin is a ghrelin mimetic, and an analog to ghrelin.
However it doesnt cause the kind of hunger feelings caused by ghrp-6.
Ipamorelin acts with synergy when used during your own GHRH (growth-hormone releasing hormone) pulse or when coadministered with GHRH or a GHRH analog such as Sermorelin or cjc.
The synergy comes about due to both the obvious suppression of somatostatin and the increases in GH release per-somatotrope, while GHRH increases the number of somatotropes that release GH.
Due to the fact that its selective and doesnt really alter cortisol or prolactin levels, this makes Ipamorelin a very exciting peptide, it is as effective as ghrp-6 without the increase in hunger or cortisol or prolactin serum levels, and it has another property unique to Ipamorelin.
A mega-dose of ipamorelin results in a mega-release of GH (up to the entire amount that is actualy present in the pituitary), whereas GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 have limits of approximately 1mcg/kg in humans for their maximal GH release.
I find this very exciting when used directly after training to increase recovery and in the maturation of satelite muscle cells.

Results and experiences.

I used 100mcg 3 times a day, i used it exactly as GHRP-6 in my experiences thread… i used it injected directly in to joints and areas that i have damaged and found over just a 2 week period a massive amount of improvement, in particular in my elbow where i was suffering from a strained ligament.. the pain subsided totaly and full strength returned within 4 weeks.. this was after it hurting on and off for over 3 months. The pain has never returned,

As for its anabolic properties i used 300mcg straight after training to get a much larger pulse in GH, and found recovery improved vastly… over 12 weeks on this protocol i lost about 2 lbs in bodyfat.. but as my BF is very low i think had i been bigger this number would have been considerably higher.
I saw an increase in vascularity.. improved skin texture.. very deep sleep, in fact i was feeling sleepy quite a bith through the day.. minimal water retention and about 3lb gain in mass… sadly i am at my genetic max i feel for size and find it nearly impossible to hold on to anything over my current weight, however 2lb has lasted over 3 months, with the obvious fluctuations in glycogen retention etc… i use an average weight based on 14 readings through the week to get a correct measurement.

If i combined this with something like CJC, wich i hope to do very shortly i feel this could be an incredible combination.. and currently the best peptide combination.. although i still love the effects of ghrp-6, i love the hunger stimulation.
The selective effects of ipamorelin make this a very special peptide..

Russians peptide rating..


This is a must buy and perfect to get to grips with peptides if you are a first time user.


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