Superdrol and prolactin sides. Why Formestane is the answer.

Written by Russianstar, this information is copyrited

Anyone who knows anything about chemical structures will see that superdrol is not a progestin, and shouldnt cause prolactin like side effects.
The problem is everyone is different and eveyone has different amounts of progestin receptors, wich can cause worse sides in some users than others, one guy can use deca and get no bloat, another with the same dose will get bloat and gyno, because of this one reason alone. Now Beastsrol or superdrol is in itself not that androgenic, and as its structure suggests its not that different to other dht based steroids, now an action takes place that explains how it works… its doesnt act like a typical androgenic, but acts a little like oxymetholone, in that it doesnt show any real affinity for the 5AR enzyme, so you get weaker affinty for the androgen receptor than dht, but you get stronger androgenic effects as the enzyme 3beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase has little effect on the androgen affinity of superdrol.

The problem is this same enzyme 3beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, is used in the conversion of many metaobiles in the body, Superdrol produces a lot of metabolites that dont get bound by the androgen receptor like we just saw, it cant aromatize, so it doesnt bind to the estrogen receptor, but it circulates, as its also a di methyl, it is very biovailable so a lot of the product circulates in the blood, and these extra metabolites dont bind specificly…not in the way they should.. so i will explain in a detailed way then make it much easier to understand.

Prolactin is normaly caused by progestins, but can also be caused by dht, how?
For example, it is currently understood that when testosterone enters the cell cytoplasm it is subsequently converted to the more “active” androgen, dihydrotestosterone, DHT, by reduction at the 5alpha position, This is normal. Dihydrotestosterone is then either bound to a cytoplasmic “receptor” protein Rc, or is further metabolized to either 5alpha-androstane-3alpha,17beta-diol or 5alpha-androstane-3beta,17beta-diol ,DIOL. The binding of DHT to its cytoplasmic receptor protein results in translocation of the steroid-receptor complex into the nucleus where presumably the complex dissociates and DHT exerts its androgenic effects. The transport of DHT to the nucleus can also result from the conversion of testosterone to DHT by nuclear membrane-bound 5alpha-reductase. Prolactin augmentation of DHT effects is envisioned as resulting from interaction of prolactin with its receptor, which due to the large size of the prolactin molecule is probably located in or on the plasma membrane.
Because superdrol is androgenic, but lacks the ability to show affinity via 5ar, it circulates, and this causes the large amounts of androgens to look for a transporter, so that it can bind to the androgen recptor, so it uses prolactin wich has a high affinity to cytoplasmic receptor protein, allowing the androgens, testosterone, to be carried and allowing them to convert to dht, only problem is prolactin hormone or luteotropic hormone is synthesised and secreted by sex binding lactotrope cells in the adenohypophysis (anterior pituitary gland, And this gland now produces more prolactin to help deal with the large amount of testosterone circulating that hasnt bound to the estrogen of androgen receptor, Part of the reason why superdol is so anabolic, So instead of binding to the androgen receptors in the scalp and the prostrate it converts to dht through this unique process, using prolactin to enter the cytoplasmic receptror protein, and allowing it to convert to dht and then bind to the androgen receptors in the muscle, causing its distinct hardening effects, it still cant bind to the scalp or prostrate via 5ar as the form of dht it has converted too doesnt allow for that affinity.
So more prolactin is produced to allow for the superdol to find a receptor ,this excess prolactin triggers a process that fills the breast with milk via a process called lactogenesis, in men however it causes a distinct enlargment of the mammary gland and can even cause a man to lactate.

If superdrol had better binding to the androgen receptor via 5AR then this problem would be prevented, the other thing is that prolactin production can remain elevated for months after a cycle has finished, and once the androgen has been removed, ( the cycle is over) the cytoplasmic receptor proteins have nothing to do other than to allow the prolactin to proceed with its hormonal action within the body, causing the male mammary gland to enlarge ready to produce milk… Hence the REBOUND gyno, this is why proper pct is needed for superdrol, and the use of something to prevent prolactin.

I suggest using topical Formestane.

Now the best bit is this, There are references as that show that DHT applied in areas with high prolactin can reduce gyno. Here is one:

Benveniste O, Simon A and Herson S. Successful percutaneous dihydrotestosterone treatment of gynecomastia occurring during highly active antiretroviral therapy: four cases and a review of the literature. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2001;33:891-893.

This shows that when in this case dht, but anything strongly androgenic in its actions is applied to gyno where high levels of prolactin are found then gyno can be reduced!!! Now this will work with prolactin induced gyno, as this and at least 6 other studies show.
So not only can Formastane  improve gyno the same way masteron can, by preventing estrogen from binding to the estrogen receptor, it can also reduce the size of prolactin induced gyno, as it lowers the amount of progestin receptors available, and seems to act as a slight dopmamin agonist.

Now you will see many companies add pregenelone to formestane to reduce the androgenic activity, but it aslo reduces it effects considerably.
Taken oraly it has little effect, but transdermaly it is extremely potent, in fact its used to treat breast cancer as It is available as an intramuscular depot injection , some of you maybe aware called lentaron.

So how does it work exactly, Aromatase is an enzyme that synthesizes estrogen. Aromatase inhibitors block the synthesis of estrogen. This lowers the estrogen level, and slows the growth of cancers, And transdermaly formestane is one of the strongest products for this, so that means lean ROCK HARD gains on cycle. This is because the androgens can no longer convert into estrogen.. thats good news as it doesnt act like exemestane wich form a permanent bond with the aromatase enzyme, so preventing any estrogen wich is bad for your joints and tendons.

So why does gyno happen on cycle?

Bodybuilders who use steroids may experience an increase in estrogen levels , and this has undesirable consequences for a bodybuilder, such as gynecomastia. This is often the case when a natural aromatase inhibitor 4-OHAD has itself been inhibited. 4-OHAD is a metabolite of testosterone, which can mean 4-OHAD remains inhibited whilst aromatase levels are allowed high, so you actualy get even less androgens than normal and higher estrogen levels, so using Forma-Stanozolol can change the ratios allowing the enzyme 4-OHAD to remain active, so limiting estrogen, by increasing testosterone itself through its AI activity, And by preventing estrogen from binding to receptors so preventing gyno, but as it allows some estrogen to circulate, tendons and ligaments are kept strong and healthy.

It has a 12 hour half life wich is great as when used just morning and night it will build up even plasma levels in the blood and be constantly active, so getting full benefits of its AI properties, And through its special abilty to stimulate the dopaminergic system, it can prevent prolactin.. so it actualy can PREVENT GYNO BOTH FROM PROLACTIN AND ESTROGEN, and be used to TREAT GYNO FROM PROLACTIN through its abilty to act as a dopamine agonist, its ability to lower progestin receptor count, and its androgenic properties, And be used to TREAT GYNO CAUSED BY HIGH AROMATISATION.

Yes Formastane could even be used to treat and prevent DECA droopiness.

But i havent finished, one more thing makes this perfect not only alone or on cycle but especialy through PCT when estrogen levels rise, problem is if you block estrogen off you get low igf-1 levels…  formestane can increase igf1 levels by a whopping 26 percent!!!

And you know i said it was androgenic… well it is, but it also can reduce BPH, so it even protects your prostrate!!!

And as its a transdermal, you may want to rub it all over your nips for improved action, you see i love milk, but i dont want to make my own, in fact i like boobies but i dont want to grow my own, and FORMASTANE can reduce your chances of either of these ever happening, and believe me for those whove experienced both the former happening, its not nice!!!

So not only is formastane perfect for any cycles using aromatizing compounds, but its perfect for anything that produces prolactin or is progestenic.. It will reduce any sides, or bloat and allow pct to be much easier and more effective.



From these studies and all the logs of formestane available on the internet these are the facts.

  • Formestane increases IGF-1 secretion and activity.
  • Formestane decreases the number of progesterone receptors (inhibits the trenbolone and “deca-dick” type side effects and increases fat loss)
  • Formestane inhibits 91.9% of aromatase enzyme production
  • Formestane increases HPTA activity similar to HCG and Clomid together
  • Formestane is anabolic and androgenic
  • Formestane is a “suicide inhibitor” of aromatase. Specifically this means that it will irreversibly bind to the aromatase enzyme and permanently deactivate it
  • Formestane (The sterile injectable form) possesses a 4-day half-life
  • Formestane decreases SHBG 34% thus increasing androgen activity.
  • Formestane inhibits DHT (dehydrotestosterone) formation and activity.
  • Formestane possesses 1% of the binding affinity of DHT to DHT receptors
  • Formestane has been shown to decrease prostate concerns such as BPH.
  • Formestane has been shown to continue to increase HPTA function above natural levels even after 22 weeks of continuous administration
  • Kindest regards RS



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