#UFC ,TUF 18 episode 4 Rousey gets blousey.

I am a huge fan of Rhonda, especially all that she has done in helping make female MMA a sport to be taken seriously. I must admit that her little displays of macho behaviour are somewhat underwhelming her respectability as a UFC fighter, and a champion at that. I think though that instead of going to see guest coach Dennis Hallman and getting in his face, Maybe she should have stopped her own coach, from making such a fool of himself for the second week running… Making ridiculous comments like we will do this when there are no cameras, and he was saying it with his heart in his mouth, just look at the video again, Typical body language of someone who was already realising this was a very bad idea.

Maybe we could see a match up at the TUF final, between Dennis Hallman 52 wins and 14 losses, And Mr im going to eyeball everyone Edmond  Taverdyan, 2 wins against 2 unknowns. Brilliant how Edmond was telling Dennis, they would get kicked off the show as they walk to the octagon, reminded me of a dog with its tale between his legs. Hilarious, and it was real TV gold.

Rhonda’s word choices are just crazy,I love the “you act tough behind twitter, we are tough all the time” Comment from the last episode, but she out does herself in this episode.  I quote “If your team disrespect us, we are going to find a way to let you know that’s a bad idea, I’m the only one who can fight officially” And Rhonda, You did start it, and you will probably keep starting it, even after you fight Meisha. Rhonda get over it, or jealousy will eat you up and consume you, and your not a guy, so don’t swagger.

The fight was between Jessica Rakoczy vs. Roxanne Modafferi

Despite sharing her name with a Porn star, Jessica is no joke, she is real hardcore,  don’t let her Motherly persona fool you, She lost her mother at 15, Then just as things started to pick up in her boxing , she was involved in a pile up, a multi-car accident that injured her neck, shoulder, back and knee prevented her from competing, And just after recovering from that, and making a solid claim for the Canadian national Boxing team, an ill timed punch broke her wrist on her opponents head. Despite all that, She won major boxing titles at lightweight, mainly because her speed and technique were far beyond most of her more experienced peers, and she developed K.O power, knocking out one opponent in 38 seconds. When she turned to MMA the change seemed to cause Jessica problems with 3 straight losses, and a ban followed because of taking painkillers and not informing the Arena Doctors. However she rebounded by returning to boxing, rising to 33 wins 3 losses and 12 k’0s. Her boxing is superb, and mentally as well as physically she has all the attributes to win this season of TUF.

Roxanne is a bit of an Oxy-Moron, she looks like a Geek, and is very intelligent, she can speak a few languages, she has a lovely friendly disposition, but.. she knows Jujitsu, and despite her stand up being pretty weak, her ground game certainly isn’t, One of the pioneers of Womens MMA her record may look a little weak, but she has vast experience, however fighting Jessica was not a clever move by Meisha Tate.

The fight really was always out of Roxanne’s reach, Jessica’s foot work and strength made life very difficult for Roxanne, and even when she got it to the ground, Jessica showed a vastly improved ground game an was able to escape any potential submission attempts from Roxanne, Great coaching by Rhonda’s team. In round 2 Roxy attempted an armbar, Jessica lifter her up and slammed her, and it looked like Roxy was already unconscious to me, But she rallied and survived a few more moments and then a huge right hand, and a couple more shots landing flush, the ref stops the fight.

You can see how well liked Roxanne is, as there were no real cheers until very sportman like behaviour, or sportladly like behaviour from Roxanne asking for Jessica who was celebrating, though somewhat subdued, to come over. Jessica hugged Roxanne who seem inconsolable, and everyone cheered glad that she was ok. Some really sweet comments from other in house fighters saying how protective they felt for Roxanne really showed the calibre of person she is, and how well respected.. Her stand up needs serious work if she is ever to be a top level MMA artist, but I do not doubt she has the heart to put in the effort needed.

A win for Jessica, who despite an injury was able to show a great ground defence, and high level standup, she could be a real contender for winning this season, her athleticism is probably the best in the house, and she has fire to win, and great coaching.

Thanks for following my blog, MMA in the UK is growing, and I want to be a part of that.

Kindest regards Russianstar.

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Amazing. No nonsense, all great. RT @wahly22: @arielhelwani This is such a great episode. These two women are genuinely likable.

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Chris Holdsworth          @holdsworth135

Wow! These girls went hard. Congrats to @JessRakoczy. @Roxyfighter fought her heart out. Very touching after the fight. @TUFonFS1


Cody Bollinger          @CodyBollinger    

Crazy finish and great fight! Both TUF as nails

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