High dose peptide cycles

I prefer to call High dose Peptide cycles lasting no longer than 6 weeks as burst cycles, as the principal is the same as burst cycle with AAS.

What your looking to achieve is to exaggerate the benefits of peptides and then cease before sides become prominent, The difference with peptides as they have a totally different affect on your organism, and its functions than AAS.

After an Anabolic cycle, you would still need a mild pct even if the burst cycle was only 2 or 3 weeks. As we know muscle growth comes in surges, once IGF levels are elevated, and testosterone is high, Muscles will grow, the longer you use an anabolic though the greater the risk of sides, and you increase the mount of time your shutdown, the longer you are, the harder recovery to your HPTA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis )

So you increase the dose and run it for less time, increasing the speed as to which plasma serum levels become saturated, and the speed to which igf levels hit a high enough level to cause muscle growth.


Peptides can work in a similar way…

If you run low dose cycles for up to a year, you will see very little in the way of increased muscle, but you will receive the benefits of its anti-aging properties, increased collagen synthesis, cell turnover and slightly elevated igf, leading to fat loss, improved nutrient partitioning, and insulin function. But we are focusing here on muscle gain and fat loss, the 2 big hitters that peptides offer.

Running a high dose protocol will cause a few reactions in the body, increased cortisol which will affect sleep negatively and cause muscle catabolism if its too high, and the other nasty hormone here is prolactin, which rises through GH exerting its affects. The longer a high dose is ran, the greater the increase in sides caused by these 2 powerful hormones.

Burst cycling keys.

Firstly we need to keep the cycle length short… 6 weeks is the max, i prefer 4. Second we need to use a 3 x ed dosing method to synchronize with our own GH pulse, this prevents sides. Thirdly we need to use a dose that will exert anabolic actions quickly. Fourth we need to choose the right peptides for the job.

Cycle example.

Weeks 1-4 7 am 400mcg ipamorelin,  GRF 1-29 300mcg 2pm  400mcg ghrp-2, GRF 1-29 300MCG 9pm 1000mcg Ipamorelin, 500mcg GRF 1-29

The idea of using ipamorelin, is it has little affect on prolactin and cortisol, while being a very effective ghrp, using it AM and PM allows for its unique ability to trigger a secondary gh pulse about 7 hours after the initial one upon dosing, making it ideal AM and PM. GHRP-2 has powerful slow wave sleep enhancing benefits and for this reason, the midday shot will trigger the right kind of GH to allow restful sleep at night. This could easily be substituted for GHRP-6.

A GHRH such as GRF 1-29 acts on different populations of somatotropes (GH releasing cells).  GHRPs increases the number of somatotropes releasing GH but not the amount released by each cell, the GHRH affects both the number of secreting cells and then in turn how much GH is secreted by these cells.. The combination then of using either Modified GRF 1-29 or Semorelin, along with a GHRP is a true synergy, in this case 1+ 1 = 5 the power than the 2 combined is greater than the sum of their individual parts.


What results can you expect?


Everyone is different, and will respond very differently to peptides, but the potential for gains is great, depending on a number of factors, During PCT this will solidify and help maintain your gains as your own testosterone levels rise.

In combination with an AAS cycle, where you would perhaps see 7-10lb over 4 weeks, with this added combination of increased GH and therefore IGF, 15-20lbs is possible, some of this will be water weight, but tht will subside upon cessation.

If used as a stand alone, i personally have gained over 6lbs in 4 weeks and kept every lb, while lowering my bf by 1 whole percent. This is also a very effective quick fix for injuries, as the anti inflammatory nature of GH along with increased collagen repletion and added lubrication can help someone recover much faster.

Increasing your IGF levels high enough ( a tell tale sign of increased GH) is the main contributor to new muscle growth, this cant happen at smaller doses, unless cjc-1295 DAC ws used, as the GH bleed causes igf levels to rise very quickly..

This can be used very effectively in a burst cycle, using CJC DAC for the first 3 weeks at 4000mcg a week divided into 4 1000mcg doses, this can in effect kick start your burst cycle to cause even bigger and better gains, and really help with fat loss if that is your goal.

If calories are cut right down during a burst cycle, Rapid fat loss and muscle hardening can be seen, add to this the health benefits, and you cant really go wrong.



Deciding if a burst cycle is for you.


If you can afford it and your looking for fast results, running 2 or 3 of these cycles a year can and will if used properly take your physique to a new level, you will get the amount of GH needed to burn fat, and build muscle, running a supplement like Androst-3,5-dien7,17-dione can eliminate any increase in prolactin or cortisol, so even water retention can be kept at a minimum.

Running a longer low dose cycle just doesn’t equate to the same gains in the long run, it cant happen, igf levels never get high enough, and the amount of GH just isn’t enough to really show the fat loss potential or ability to induce satellite cells to maturity, resulting in hypertrophy of the muscle.

Caution is advised if using GHRP-6 i never suggest a dose higher than 400mcg, as the hunger that entails will lead to very wet dirty gains, but if your goal is to bulk, then it would be ideal..


I hope you enjoy your cycle.




HGH, IGF1-LR3, GHRPs & GHRH Synergy

With peptides being all the rage, and the quality and pricing improving so much more and more fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders are looking at peptides as a possible replacement for HGH and IGF.

The question is can they replace them?As powerfull as peptides are, they are limited in the amount of IGF they can produce, And when i say peptides i mean GHRP’s and GHRH.


You can mega dose them, and sky rocket IGF.. but the levels are no where near as superphysiological as direct administration over a period of time of IGF-1-lr3, the reason being is like taking a caffeine supplement, or drinking coffee, you will get more caffeine from it itself than the coffee providing in comparison a small amount.

The same is with HGH, even thought generic HGH is just one form of GH and there are many, its affects on glycogensis, stimulating satellite muscle cells into maturity and recovery, both of muscle, bone and tendons is far stronger than triggering your own GH release..  But i emphasize that peptides are very important as we have outlined before and they have a role in reaching your goals.


A combination of the 2 = mass effect When HGH and igf are combined the potential for growth is increased exponentially..  Lets say HGH = 1 and IGF = 1 the combination of the 2 would yield a number far greater than the sum of both parts, so lets say for arguments sake 1 + 1 = 5 in this case. Combining the 2 works in synergy if the timing is right, offering the increased fat loss of HGH and even though its not been proven that elevated igf levels increases fat loss, it makes sense to conclude it does, with igf leeching glucose, your body starts relying on fat for fuel, and HGH elevates IGF, then add in an external variant of IGF and bamm, Superphisiological levels of igf. And depending on the amount of HGH you use, your flooding your body with 2 of the most anabolic hormones utilized by the human body.

Now lets tweak things a little..

We add in a GHRH that stimulates even more IGF.. but we dont want to do this for more than say, 30 days to prevent IGF receptors becoming tired and less recipient of circulating igf. Then we add in a peptide like GHRP-6, 3 times a day, combining doses with your HGH… HGH should be broken up into 3 or 4 doses a day, many vets in the sport will tell you that the rewards from HGH are amplified following this method.

Your stimulating your own GH pulse as and when it should normally pulse, Also increasing the amount of HGH your receptors can uptake, thus vastly improving your synthetic gh, and the increased igf from say a peptide that bleeds like cjc-1295 dac can offer huge advantages in this environment… offering cellular turn over on a level you wont have experienced.

GHRH = 1 + GHRP =1 = 3


So if HGH + IGF = 5 and GHRH + GHRP= 3 when you combine them you dont get 8 you get 10 in terms of effects.


Can you imagine what super elevated levels of IGF a hormone that initiates intracellular signaling it is one of the most potent natural activators of the AKT signaling pathway a stimulator of cell growth and proliferation, and a potent inhibitor of programmed cell death.

Now combine that with super elevated levels of  HGH increases lean body mass, shortens recovery time between workouts, and enhances overall performance with less risk of detection than other performance-enhancing drugs. HGH strengthens tissues, skeletal muscle… HGH actually unlock new growth!!

After finishing puberty normally the number of muscle cells you have for the rest of your life is genetic, and the most you can do is increase the size of these cells through weight training or steroids. However, by using HGH, you can actually grow new muscle cells. This allows you to reverse genetic dispositions and achieve a far more striated and dense look.


You are far more likely to achieve the look your after, and in a lot less time but combing the best peptides with the anabolic hormones IGF and HGH.. I advise not running high doses for long periods as permanent organ enlargement is a distinct possibility, and its unlikely to be the organ you would choose to have enlarged.


Until next time. Train hard and fight easy Russianstar

Increased bone or organ growth from IGF or HGH?

This I know is a question many have asked… And there is the short answer and the long one. The short answer is yes, but its dependent which is what we will discuss.This is a snippet from Larry bowers testimony on the case of Barry bonds.Larry Bowers is the Chief Science Officer of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA); he is an expert in analytical chemistry and drug testing. Although Bowers is not a medical doctor and has never seen a patient nor treated a single patient with steroid-related side effects, he was chosen as the prosecution’s authority on medical side effects related to PEDs.


Bowers testified that the side effects of recombinant human growth hormone include enlarged head, hands and feet. The defense sought to have the evidence excluded based on the limited scientific evidence supporting the existence of such side effects. Judge Susan Illston ruled that the testimony was admissible

And now i present to you an article i wrote for a magazine on the subject.

The enlarged heads and jaws of professional bodybuilders.

So whats the truth?

Look back in the day at bodybuilders like steve reeves, even giants like lou ferringo.. and you wont find the deformed look that many modern bodybuilders have somehow managed to achieve.

Yes in the past bodybuilders like Arnold had big jaws but if you look to his early pictures even at the age of 12 it was his genetic pre-disposition. The added androgens from years of use would of added to his male characteristics.. but the truth is the culprit today is not AAS.. its Igf-1 and HGH.

How have the jay cutlers and ronnie colemans of the modern age enlarged their own heads, increased the width of the jaw bone… not the muscle size wich is important.. and got the severely deformed look that many show.

The quest for success on the big stage has caused many to turn to the use of peptides, but the doses used have been far more than what you or I would probably consider.

30iu a day of HGH is not unheard of.. 800mcg of IGF-1LR3 is also not uncommon.. and both can increase the size of your internal organs and so it seems the size of the facial bones, After all the speculation i tried to do some research into what many competative bodybuilders use pre-contest and the results were suprising and scary, sadly i cannot mention the name of this individual but he was european bodybuilding champion in the 100kg class of 2005.

This is what he was using…

“20iu of HGH and 1mg of igf-lr3 everyday, calorie intake was over 7000k during off season, and those doses were combined with 1.8g of test e a week ,1g of tren, 70mg of dianabol wich was run 7 weeks on 7 weeks off during a year long cycle where a blast cycle followed by a cruise was incorporated, these were his cruise cycle doses..combined with 50mg of aromasin 3x a day.

Insulin was used during the cycle for a 4 week period at a time… Yes for you and I those doses look huge, but after a lengthy discussion with other pros in russia i found out these doses are actualy quite average. However, after talking to a few older pros, the actual androgen cycles and doses werent particulaly high, it seems these are often practised and used by professionals. They were in agreement though that when combined with LARGE doses of HGH or IGF that facial features change.. more flesh on the face, more muscle on the mandible, bigger lips, no im not talking about Acromegaly, But the characteristics are in fact quite similar.. here are some of the more common symptoms of Acromegaly..

• Soft tissue swelling visibly resulting in enlargement of the hands, feet, nose, lips and ears, and a general thickening of the skin. In particular the appearance of the hands can indicate to a knowledgeable person that a stranger may be developing acromegaly; there are documented instances of physicians warning strangers that they had acromegaly.

• Soft tissue swelling of internal organs, notably the heart with attendant weakening of its muscularity, and the kidneys, also the vocal cords resulting in a characteristic thick, deep voice and slowing of speech

• Generalized expansion of the skull at the fontanelle

• Pronounced brow protrusion, often with ocular distension

• Pronounced lower jaw protrusion with attendant macroglossia (enlargement of the tongue) and teeth gapping

• Hypertrichosis, hyperpigmentation, and hyperhidrosis may occur in these patients

Notice that pronounced lower jaw and general expansion of the skull can occur.. yes think Barry bonds. So is this caused by the use of steroids…. Im telling you now NO, this is caused by the combination of high Androgen levels and the inclusion in large doses of GH or localised GF. In fact when Acromegaly is examined, often the main check made is on IGF-1 levels.. as these if too high can cause disfigurement, not just in the face but distended bellies can be seen also as the internal organs also grow.. Sadly even the heart. The ever more present Mandibular overgrowth that leads to prognathism, maxillary widening, teeth separation and jaw malocclusion is now common place in a sport where people are supposedly seeking the body beautiful… but maybe they are none to worried about facial beauty.. I think there is an irony there somewhere. I hope that the time of small waists and aesthetic beauty will one day return, In the meantime we all need to be aware of what playing with our hormones can do in the long run… and even in the short term.

Can peptides be ran in place of IGF or HGH?

The simple answer again is yes, but the results wont be as dramatic… There are a few logs of very high dose CJC with DAC up to 8mg a week, but this isnt recommended.. but the IGF increase would be huge so helping break plateus in regards to size. One thing that needs to be said here is that, Peptides like GHRPS and GHRH, do offer a healthier way to achieve increased muscle mass and leaness without the added risk of increased organ size or bone size… Insulin and HGH adds size to the gut more so than either of them alone, add to it IGF and AAS and the look is going to be somewhat like many of todays top Pro-bodybuilders… However if you are looking for improving aestheics and achieving a sharpe defined and attractive look then its peptides all the way.

Long term, reasonable doses totaly transform the physique and offer a safer way to achieving muscle mass than AAS and HGH.. Short term burst cycles also offer oppurtunities to grow or maintain wether in PCT or off cycle. I am positive that many of those who have used IGF and HGH and have the rubber face associated with it would have had far more desirable results from Peptides, without the sides.

Are these changes permanent?

Bone changes are permanent, and it seems that once the organs enlarge it can take years for them to return to normal. However for the fleshy look, Botox can be used to soften the jaw line, and facial muscles, and a healthy diet and training routine can help the user to achieve a better overall look and state of health.

A word of caution, Beware of what you put in your body, and MORE is not better… More is just that more… more benefits, more sides, more dangers, and more long term changes

The Dangers of excess Estrogen.

Estrogen has a few misconceptions and hopefully this article will clear things up.
As an example, coffee boosts testosterone, but increases cortisol, cortisol lowers SHBG, and so you lower your testosterone estrogen ratio.
It isn’t elevated estrogen that is a problem, the reason is this, if estrogen is elevated, its likely Testosterone is too, and as long as the ratio for Testosterone to Estrogen is correct, EVERYTHING is ok, no need to worry.
In our youth The testosterone ratio can be around 50.1 that’s considered close to perfect. But anything around 30-40 is acceptable.
There are contributing factors as to why some guys are more prone to Estrogen related sides on a cycle.
These factors are.
High saturated fat diets.
Carrying a lot of fat weight.
There are also MEDs that can produce a marked change in Testosterone to estrogen ratio.
Using a PDE5 inhibitor
Using an Aromatase inhibitor.
Why is excess Estrogen dangerous?
Estrogen doesn’t cause Gynecomastia or GYNO for short!
Gyno is caused by an incorrect estrogen to androgen profile or ratio, the excess estrogen is trying to turn your body into a female, and as we are all aware the female characteristics most noticed are often larger breasts than in a male.
As long as the Ratio is correct this cant happen, The reason why people often suffer from rebound gyno, is they have very low test levels, and so your body is predominantly female. Hence the moods, etc.. or is that chauvinist?
The biggest dangers are the following..
Excess estrogen doubles your stroke risk.
This is a quote from the Mayo clinic
estradiol (a potent estrogen) were measured in a group of 2,197 men aged 71 to 93 years of age. Adjustment for age, hypertension, diabetes, adiposity, cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, and other characteristics were made. During the course of follow-up, men with the highest blood levels of estradiol had a 2.2-fold greater risk of stroke compared with those whose estradiol levels were lower.2This study revealed that estradiol blood levels greater than 34.1 pg/mL resulted in this more than doubling of stroke incidence. Life Extension long ago warned men to keep their estradiol levels below 30 pg/mL.”

Decreased Cardiovascular health

A study on middle aged men with high estrogen levels found out this very interesting observation made by researchers again at the Mayo clinic.

“Ultrasound measurement of the carotid artery wall provides an accurate prognostic indicator of arterial disease. The findings in this study show progression of carotid artery intima-media thickness in men with higher estradiol levels. Greater carotid artery intima-media thickness sharply correlates with increased risks of heart attack and stroke”

Increased risk of Rheumatoid arthritis

Levels of estradiol in rheumatoid arthritis patients are higher and DHEA levels lower compared with those who dont suffer from chronic inflammation. This corresponds to studies showing that high estrogen levels can increase C-reactive protein, which is the most accurate marker for systemic inflammation. Elevated C-reactive protein is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease in healthy individuals.
The list goes on and on.
Low fat diets for better Test/estrogen ratios 
We are all aware, that high estrogen levels cause you to store more fat, which doesn’t look good and ist healthy.
But did you know the diets high in saturated fats, especially on steroid cycles can play havoc with your Testosterone estrogen ratio?
Most people think low fat diets are not good for keeping your sex hormones optimal, but research and science actually shows otherwise.
One study found that                                    estradiol (the “bad” estrogen or E2) fell from 47.2 to 23.8 pg/ml                         on average, which is obviously a big change.                          This is a reduction of over 50% and cut their estrogen levels in half!  And the remarkable thing is that their testosterone stayed steady before and                         after at 510 ng/dl.
So instead of damaging their testosterone ratio, their test stayed the same, and estradiol dropped! Improving their ratios, actually it nearly doubled the ratio in favour of Testosterone.
On a steroid cycle high fat diets not only affect the amount of estrogen converted , but decrease the effectiveness of the steroid cycle, and the health implications of higher estrogen and excess fat have already been outlined above.
Being Fat
You wouldnt be surprised to find that people with a BMI above 25, and below 25
when compared often have an estrogen ratio difference of about 12 – 17, which corresponds to a 42 percent difference in estrogen.
However we all know that most bodybuilders BMI will make them obese, even if they have very low bodyfat. In my previous articles we would of seen that the more aromatase the more estrogen and the more estrogen, the less testosterone.
 Excess body weight is correlated with both lowered testosterone and increased                         estrogen.  Stomach fat actually deactivates DHT, and it converts at greater amounts the more layers of belly fat you have to,  5alpha-androstane 3alpha 17beta-diol this is a very potent estrogen as is 5alpha-androstane 3beta 17beta-diol, The longer you’ve been fat, the greater the enzymatic deactivation of DHT and the greater the conversion into these potent estrogens, Both of which are responsible for increased water retention, leading to higher blood pressure! Ever wondered why your blood pressure often spikes on a cycle, Well if your fat this might just open your eyes.
The less body fat you have, the better your testosterone estrogen ratio will be during the steroid cycle. And of course after during PCT.
The benefits of a PDE5 inhibitor.
If your a little overweight, or struggling with your libido and erections, then your self esteem lowers, And time and time again after a steroid cycle, and during ive seen guys crash, this is nearly always because of excess estrogen, not elevated estrogen. I hate all this bro science garbage, get it right guys, estrogen is important for libido, if your libido is gone its either, your Testosterone estrogen ratio is wrong, so either too much test or too little estrogen, Or the other way around. Or very little DHT conversion or activation, if your fat this is likely along with having a poor estrogen ratio. Prolactin is very rarely is the culprit unless you have used a Nor-steroid, like Deca.
Using a PDE5 inhibitor causes an increase in nitric oxide, bam, You are able to have sexual intercourse, One study showed an improvement of the estrogen testosterone ratio by a staggering 24% after sex.
 What is very interesting is                         that in the above study, testosterone only increased 5.5% on average but                         estrogen lowered by about 15%. So if you cant get an erection, a PDE5 inhibitor mare really help your post cycle crash, if you don’t need one, sex could be your biggest help.
Using an aromatase inhibitor
For arguments sake lets use Arimidex, its a really well known A.I
In a well documented study it showed that in hypogonadal                         senior men, the T/E ratio was increased on average by 115%.  It produced an increase of                         62% in testosterone and a 24% decrease in estradiol.
On a cycle where there will be a large amount of conversion to estrogen, it might not be needed unless you see the signs of high estrogen levels, water retention, high blood pressure, then dosing accordingly is important, you don’t want to kill your estrogen levels, not only will it hamper gains, but no estrogen is very very bad for your health, and causes a tremendous amount of internal damage.
All you want to do is keep the ratio to a healthy level, so don’t leave things to chance, regular check ups are needed.
If you destroy estrogen, it comes back with a bang when you stop taking you A.I, and that can pose a big problem, as it comes back much harder than testosterone does, throwing your ratio in favour of estrogen and leading to rebound gyno etc.
So tapering off your A.I during PCT is a must, its not bro science, it is a science, and anyone who says otherwise should not be handing out guidance.
There are many other causes of GYNO but here we are just looking at excess estrogen.
As long as testosterone is always higher by about 35 percent than estrogen, your health and libido will rarely suffer, if you have a healthy bodyfat level, if you don’t then lose weight, and you might be surprised to see a large increase in your baseline testosterone levels.
Until next time, stay safe, and keep that excess estrogen under control.


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Is Vitor Belfort on TRT or supraphysiological levels of TESTOSTERONE?

I had to write this article because too many people are pussy footing around the whole scenario and I fear this situation will make the UFC a laughing stock.

Yes we know athletes take PERFORMING ENHANCING DRUGS, (PED’s) but not all of them are caught, however I have never known of a case quite like this one.

Vitor Belfort is supposedly on TRT, that’s testosterone replacement therapy, yet he looks more jacked now than when he was caught using anabolic steroids earlier in his competitive history. Not only that he is faster, and stronger now at 36, than he was at his peak.

TRT is there for you to regain the testosterone levels of your youth, I have been involved with fitness and bodybuilding and natural bodybuilders can look jacked, but in a natural way, for example their Nose doesn’t swell from too much estrogen conversion like Mr Belfort, their Jaw doesn’t become considerably squarer as the massater muscle becomes thicker and more pronounced, they don’t get androgenic skin and larger pores, and they look muscular but in a far more natural way. A expert trainer can spot a steroid user, and when we say a steroid user we mean someone who uses supraphysiological levels of androgens, above and beyond the normal testosterone ratio a human produces, about 7mg per day.

Now Belfort fights in brazil because of failed drug tests outside of the country, so Henderson, who is also on TRT and looks totally normal gets knocked out for the first time in his competitive history. If I was him I would feel stupid for accepting the fight with a guy who is getting bigger and faster thanks to Brazils view that testosterone levels in men are much higher in Brazil than they are in any other country.

I guarantee if he was given a random test by a non profitable commission, that Mr Belfort would have a crazy testosterone ratio, the public can see it, I’m sure Dana white see’s it,  yet it continues, and for the first time in my life watching the UFC I thought this is a joke.. Henderson doesn’t abuse his TRT its obvious, he looks like he always has, when a guy is using TRT and then becomes bigger and better it always concerns me, and this is a very extreme case. Belfort is destroying his foes, and I know its not because of his supreme natural ability, because he hasn’t ever been this good, this fast, this strong, this aggressive, yes all the things guys experience on a steroid cycle. When using larger amounts of androgens than your body naturally produces because of your own bodies natural feedback loop, as you can read about in my other articles, gives you the ability to overcome homoeostatis and get bigger, stronger, more ripped and more explosive. They also get androgenic skin, and often edema of the nose, or face, lips and hold water on other areas, I have noticed a marked change in Mr Belforts features, even more so than when he was juicing as a young fighter. He probably did ruin his own bodies ability to produce testosterone, but now he is abusing the system.

Those on Sherdog, an online forum have noticed the same, and something needs to be done, Or one person could ruin the face of the exemplary and quite brilliant UFC. Cheating has to be eradicated, maybe the decision to test Barnett on a weekly basis needs to be incorporated with all users on TRT to make sure levels remain natural.

These are my opinions.


Kindest regards Russianstar.

How testosterone supplementation shuts you down.

Normally trying to find a definitive answer on anything to do with Shutdown on the forums is like looking for a needle in a haystack, with a who’s who of Bro science “professors” Adding their own inaccurate take on things.

So HERE is exactly how Testosterone supplementation (AAS) Shuts you down.
LH = Luteinizing hormone
HPTA = Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis
FSH = Follicle stimulating hormone
GnRH = Gonadotropin releasing hormone
When exogenous Testosterone or some steroid derrirative is used, a cascade of actions take place in this order.
 Your Hypothalamus (This is your master gland in your brain) secretes GnRH, then that causes your pituitary gland to secrete secrete LH & FSH, the increase in these hormones causes the testes to stimulate the Leydig cells to produce testosterone (by conversion of cholesterol) testosterone then has the ability to in turn to undergo various metabolic processes that will inhibit GnRH, which in turn inhibits the secretion of LH and FSH, and that brings a halt to natural testosterone production This is the negative feedback loop.
Once testosterone has stopped being produced, it no longer sends this negative signal, and GnRH eventually begins to do its job again.
This is how Homeostatis is maintained in the human body.
The Whole idea of supplementing with steroids is to override the mechanism for negative feedback, We can take huge amounts, and we don’t have to worry about not producing testosterone because we are replacing it with an exogenous source.
The big problem we have is that certain Steroids cause this to a greater degree than others, Estrogenic steroids, or steroids referred to as Wet bulking steroids convert to the hormone Estrogen in larger doses, and this causes greater suppression than an androgen alone.
Here is a quote.
“J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2001 Jun;86(6):2600-6
Aromatization mediates testosterone’s short-term feedback restraint of 24-hour endogenously driven and acute exogenous gonadotropin-releasing hormone-stimulated luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone secretion in young men”
Using something to stop this conversion like Aromasin, Arimadex, Or letrozole, can also decrease the amount of shutdown caused, or speed up the recovery process.
The increased estrogen sends signals that there is too much conversion, why else would a guy have too much estrogen? And your Hypothalamus sends signals that too much estrogen is in your system, so the secretion of LH and FSH is halted, the leydig cells stop producing test, until homeostatis is met, And testosterone has a higher ratio to estrogen, than it has currently.
Some steroids are not as inhibitory of Testosterone production partly because of this reason, Anavar being one, it doesn’t convert to estrogen, and it doesn’t saturate androgen recepetors like say Trenbolone.
Saturation of the Androgen receptor or increased androgen levels in the blood are the main cause of shutdown, And with Steroids like Trenbolone, the effects last a long time because the metabolites linger in the cell and receptor.
 Androgen levels or circulating steroids acting like Testosterone in the system, or being Testosterone itself cause the same manner of actions as outlined above, that process is the negative feedback loop, there is to much circulating testosterone, and that causes the leydig cells to stop producing testosterone, and after a period of inactivity they soften, and shrink.
Prolactin another hormone produced by the pituitary and regulated by the hypothalamus can if elevated decrease Testosterone in men, on cycle its not a problem as you are supplementing with exogenous Testosterone, but.. it can and will lead to side effects both on cycle, and cause problems during recovery in PCT, so suppressing prolactin is a good idea to prevent long lasting problems after a cycle has ended.
Think no libido, enlarged nipples, and leaking nipples, yes your right, prevention is the best cure.
Keeping this in mind when starting a cycle and planning a PCT is vital.
I have made it as simple as I can, it doesn’t need to be complicated,  Restarting the HPTA is much more tricky than causing it to stop working, and recovery can be very lengthy.
Kindest regards RS

Call the Doctor! Your biceps are Sick!

Years of training clients and myself has taught me two things, Heavy weights and low reps give you denser, stronger arms (Think power lifters) And more reps and lighter weights give you more muscle quality, and size.(Think Bodybuilders)
This is because of the build up of ATP. (Adenosine triphosphate )
ATP is required for the biochemical reactions involved in any muscle contraction. As the work of the muscle increases, more and more ATP gets consumed and must be replaced in order for the muscle to keep moving, Your muscles learn to store more Glycogen.
This is a chain of glucose molecules. A cell splits glycogen into glucose. Then the cell uses anaerobic metabolism (anaerobic means “without oxygen”) to make ATP and a by product called lactic acid from the glucose.
So more reps trains your muscle to firstly store more ATP, and also to store more glycogen to convert into ATP.
If you want bigger Biceps, this is the programme for you.
Firstly warm up using just the barbell, or 5kg dumbbells, 2 sets of 20 controlled reps, this will get the blood flowing to the muscle and help prevent injury.
Now put enough weight on the Ezee bar, (this is the bar with the bends in it, or ask a trainer to point it out) So you can only do 2 or 3 reps with perfect form.
Stand with the weight on the bar at arms length, Shoulders back, arms straight, now curl the bar without swinging the weight up to your chest.
You might find standing with your back to a wall and pushing your elbows tight to the wall, and not letting them move from the wall as you curl the weight a perfect way to ensure form is kept.
Do 2 sets of 2 or 3 reps, these should be very difficult, with the last rep of each set, being close to failure, if its not, the weight is too light.
Wait around 2 minutes between each of those sets, its not a race, its an exercise to tear the muscle fibers, and to put a strain on your CNS. (Central nervous system)
Now lighten the bar, so you are able to perform 12-15 reps with perfect form, and do it exactly as outlined above, back to the wall, Elbows tight to the wall.
You want to do 4 sets of 12-15 reps, the last reps may need to be forced up and having a helper will be able to assist you if your ATP and CNS fails.
Follow this outline, mixing it up with dumbbell’s which can be done hammer style, for about 6 weeks.
Train your biceps no more than once per week, as when you train your back they also get a workout.
After 8 weeks change up your routine for 4 weeks or so and then revert back to this programme.
Not only will your strength increase, if your resting and eating enough nutritious calories, but the size of your arms will also. You can use this principal of heavy weights followed by lighter ones in all aspects of your training and it will deliver outstanding results.
Remember, you destroy the muscle in the gym, and it recovers and grows outside the gym. Don’t over train or you will end up like most gym goers who have hit a plateau and see no changes for years on end.
Another principal I tell my students is this, Calories decide if you gain or lose weight, Macronutrients decide if the weight is muscle or fat, Get your diet in order or contact me for help.
 Until next time, train hard or go home, Russianstar