Is Vitor Belfort on TRT or supraphysiological levels of TESTOSTERONE?

I had to write this article because too many people are pussy footing around the whole scenario and I fear this situation will make the UFC a laughing stock.

Yes we know athletes take PERFORMING ENHANCING DRUGS, (PED’s) but not all of them are caught, however I have never known of a case quite like this one.

Vitor Belfort is supposedly on TRT, that’s testosterone replacement therapy, yet he looks more jacked now than when he was caught using anabolic steroids earlier in his competitive history. Not only that he is faster, and stronger now at 36, than he was at his peak.

TRT is there for you to regain the testosterone levels of your youth, I have been involved with fitness and bodybuilding and natural bodybuilders can look jacked, but in a natural way, for example their Nose doesn’t swell from too much estrogen conversion like Mr Belfort, their Jaw doesn’t become considerably squarer as the massater muscle becomes thicker and more pronounced, they don’t get androgenic skin and larger pores, and they look muscular but in a far more natural way. A expert trainer can spot a steroid user, and when we say a steroid user we mean someone who uses supraphysiological levels of androgens, above and beyond the normal testosterone ratio a human produces, about 7mg per day.

Now Belfort fights in brazil because of failed drug tests outside of the country, so Henderson, who is also on TRT and looks totally normal gets knocked out for the first time in his competitive history. If I was him I would feel stupid for accepting the fight with a guy who is getting bigger and faster thanks to Brazils view that testosterone levels in men are much higher in Brazil than they are in any other country.

I guarantee if he was given a random test by a non profitable commission, that Mr Belfort would have a crazy testosterone ratio, the public can see it, I’m sure Dana white see’s it,  yet it continues, and for the first time in my life watching the UFC I thought this is a joke.. Henderson doesn’t abuse his TRT its obvious, he looks like he always has, when a guy is using TRT and then becomes bigger and better it always concerns me, and this is a very extreme case. Belfort is destroying his foes, and I know its not because of his supreme natural ability, because he hasn’t ever been this good, this fast, this strong, this aggressive, yes all the things guys experience on a steroid cycle. When using larger amounts of androgens than your body naturally produces because of your own bodies natural feedback loop, as you can read about in my other articles, gives you the ability to overcome homoeostatis and get bigger, stronger, more ripped and more explosive. They also get androgenic skin, and often edema of the nose, or face, lips and hold water on other areas, I have noticed a marked change in Mr Belforts features, even more so than when he was juicing as a young fighter. He probably did ruin his own bodies ability to produce testosterone, but now he is abusing the system.

Those on Sherdog, an online forum have noticed the same, and something needs to be done, Or one person could ruin the face of the exemplary and quite brilliant UFC. Cheating has to be eradicated, maybe the decision to test Barnett on a weekly basis needs to be incorporated with all users on TRT to make sure levels remain natural.

These are my opinions.


Kindest regards Russianstar.


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