Increased bone or organ growth from IGF or HGH?

This I know is a question many have asked… And there is the short answer and the long one. The short answer is yes, but its dependent which is what we will discuss.This is a snippet from Larry bowers testimony on the case of Barry bonds.Larry Bowers is the Chief Science Officer of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA); he is an expert in analytical chemistry and drug testing. Although Bowers is not a medical doctor and has never seen a patient nor treated a single patient with steroid-related side effects, he was chosen as the prosecution’s authority on medical side effects related to PEDs.


Bowers testified that the side effects of recombinant human growth hormone include enlarged head, hands and feet. The defense sought to have the evidence excluded based on the limited scientific evidence supporting the existence of such side effects. Judge Susan Illston ruled that the testimony was admissible

And now i present to you an article i wrote for a magazine on the subject.

The enlarged heads and jaws of professional bodybuilders.

So whats the truth?

Look back in the day at bodybuilders like steve reeves, even giants like lou ferringo.. and you wont find the deformed look that many modern bodybuilders have somehow managed to achieve.

Yes in the past bodybuilders like Arnold had big jaws but if you look to his early pictures even at the age of 12 it was his genetic pre-disposition. The added androgens from years of use would of added to his male characteristics.. but the truth is the culprit today is not AAS.. its Igf-1 and HGH.

How have the jay cutlers and ronnie colemans of the modern age enlarged their own heads, increased the width of the jaw bone… not the muscle size wich is important.. and got the severely deformed look that many show.

The quest for success on the big stage has caused many to turn to the use of peptides, but the doses used have been far more than what you or I would probably consider.

30iu a day of HGH is not unheard of.. 800mcg of IGF-1LR3 is also not uncommon.. and both can increase the size of your internal organs and so it seems the size of the facial bones, After all the speculation i tried to do some research into what many competative bodybuilders use pre-contest and the results were suprising and scary, sadly i cannot mention the name of this individual but he was european bodybuilding champion in the 100kg class of 2005.

This is what he was using…

“20iu of HGH and 1mg of igf-lr3 everyday, calorie intake was over 7000k during off season, and those doses were combined with 1.8g of test e a week ,1g of tren, 70mg of dianabol wich was run 7 weeks on 7 weeks off during a year long cycle where a blast cycle followed by a cruise was incorporated, these were his cruise cycle doses..combined with 50mg of aromasin 3x a day.

Insulin was used during the cycle for a 4 week period at a time… Yes for you and I those doses look huge, but after a lengthy discussion with other pros in russia i found out these doses are actualy quite average. However, after talking to a few older pros, the actual androgen cycles and doses werent particulaly high, it seems these are often practised and used by professionals. They were in agreement though that when combined with LARGE doses of HGH or IGF that facial features change.. more flesh on the face, more muscle on the mandible, bigger lips, no im not talking about Acromegaly, But the characteristics are in fact quite similar.. here are some of the more common symptoms of Acromegaly..

• Soft tissue swelling visibly resulting in enlargement of the hands, feet, nose, lips and ears, and a general thickening of the skin. In particular the appearance of the hands can indicate to a knowledgeable person that a stranger may be developing acromegaly; there are documented instances of physicians warning strangers that they had acromegaly.

• Soft tissue swelling of internal organs, notably the heart with attendant weakening of its muscularity, and the kidneys, also the vocal cords resulting in a characteristic thick, deep voice and slowing of speech

• Generalized expansion of the skull at the fontanelle

• Pronounced brow protrusion, often with ocular distension

• Pronounced lower jaw protrusion with attendant macroglossia (enlargement of the tongue) and teeth gapping

• Hypertrichosis, hyperpigmentation, and hyperhidrosis may occur in these patients

Notice that pronounced lower jaw and general expansion of the skull can occur.. yes think Barry bonds. So is this caused by the use of steroids…. Im telling you now NO, this is caused by the combination of high Androgen levels and the inclusion in large doses of GH or localised GF. In fact when Acromegaly is examined, often the main check made is on IGF-1 levels.. as these if too high can cause disfigurement, not just in the face but distended bellies can be seen also as the internal organs also grow.. Sadly even the heart. The ever more present Mandibular overgrowth that leads to prognathism, maxillary widening, teeth separation and jaw malocclusion is now common place in a sport where people are supposedly seeking the body beautiful… but maybe they are none to worried about facial beauty.. I think there is an irony there somewhere. I hope that the time of small waists and aesthetic beauty will one day return, In the meantime we all need to be aware of what playing with our hormones can do in the long run… and even in the short term.

Can peptides be ran in place of IGF or HGH?

The simple answer again is yes, but the results wont be as dramatic… There are a few logs of very high dose CJC with DAC up to 8mg a week, but this isnt recommended.. but the IGF increase would be huge so helping break plateus in regards to size. One thing that needs to be said here is that, Peptides like GHRPS and GHRH, do offer a healthier way to achieve increased muscle mass and leaness without the added risk of increased organ size or bone size… Insulin and HGH adds size to the gut more so than either of them alone, add to it IGF and AAS and the look is going to be somewhat like many of todays top Pro-bodybuilders… However if you are looking for improving aestheics and achieving a sharpe defined and attractive look then its peptides all the way.

Long term, reasonable doses totaly transform the physique and offer a safer way to achieving muscle mass than AAS and HGH.. Short term burst cycles also offer oppurtunities to grow or maintain wether in PCT or off cycle. I am positive that many of those who have used IGF and HGH and have the rubber face associated with it would have had far more desirable results from Peptides, without the sides.

Are these changes permanent?

Bone changes are permanent, and it seems that once the organs enlarge it can take years for them to return to normal. However for the fleshy look, Botox can be used to soften the jaw line, and facial muscles, and a healthy diet and training routine can help the user to achieve a better overall look and state of health.

A word of caution, Beware of what you put in your body, and MORE is not better… More is just that more… more benefits, more sides, more dangers, and more long term changes


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