HGH, IGF1-LR3, GHRPs & GHRH Synergy

With peptides being all the rage, and the quality and pricing improving so much more and more fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders are looking at peptides as a possible replacement for HGH and IGF.

The question is can they replace them?As powerfull as peptides are, they are limited in the amount of IGF they can produce, And when i say peptides i mean GHRP’s and GHRH.


You can mega dose them, and sky rocket IGF.. but the levels are no where near as superphysiological as direct administration over a period of time of IGF-1-lr3, the reason being is like taking a caffeine supplement, or drinking coffee, you will get more caffeine from it itself than the coffee providing in comparison a small amount.

The same is with HGH, even thought generic HGH is just one form of GH and there are many, its affects on glycogensis, stimulating satellite muscle cells into maturity and recovery, both of muscle, bone and tendons is far stronger than triggering your own GH release..  But i emphasize that peptides are very important as we have outlined before and they have a role in reaching your goals.


A combination of the 2 = mass effect When HGH and igf are combined the potential for growth is increased exponentially..  Lets say HGH = 1 and IGF = 1 the combination of the 2 would yield a number far greater than the sum of both parts, so lets say for arguments sake 1 + 1 = 5 in this case. Combining the 2 works in synergy if the timing is right, offering the increased fat loss of HGH and even though its not been proven that elevated igf levels increases fat loss, it makes sense to conclude it does, with igf leeching glucose, your body starts relying on fat for fuel, and HGH elevates IGF, then add in an external variant of IGF and bamm, Superphisiological levels of igf. And depending on the amount of HGH you use, your flooding your body with 2 of the most anabolic hormones utilized by the human body.

Now lets tweak things a little..

We add in a GHRH that stimulates even more IGF.. but we dont want to do this for more than say, 30 days to prevent IGF receptors becoming tired and less recipient of circulating igf. Then we add in a peptide like GHRP-6, 3 times a day, combining doses with your HGH… HGH should be broken up into 3 or 4 doses a day, many vets in the sport will tell you that the rewards from HGH are amplified following this method.

Your stimulating your own GH pulse as and when it should normally pulse, Also increasing the amount of HGH your receptors can uptake, thus vastly improving your synthetic gh, and the increased igf from say a peptide that bleeds like cjc-1295 dac can offer huge advantages in this environment… offering cellular turn over on a level you wont have experienced.

GHRH = 1 + GHRP =1 = 3


So if HGH + IGF = 5 and GHRH + GHRP= 3 when you combine them you dont get 8 you get 10 in terms of effects.


Can you imagine what super elevated levels of IGF a hormone that initiates intracellular signaling it is one of the most potent natural activators of the AKT signaling pathway a stimulator of cell growth and proliferation, and a potent inhibitor of programmed cell death.

Now combine that with super elevated levels of  HGH increases lean body mass, shortens recovery time between workouts, and enhances overall performance with less risk of detection than other performance-enhancing drugs. HGH strengthens tissues, skeletal muscle… HGH actually unlock new growth!!

After finishing puberty normally the number of muscle cells you have for the rest of your life is genetic, and the most you can do is increase the size of these cells through weight training or steroids. However, by using HGH, you can actually grow new muscle cells. This allows you to reverse genetic dispositions and achieve a far more striated and dense look.


You are far more likely to achieve the look your after, and in a lot less time but combing the best peptides with the anabolic hormones IGF and HGH.. I advise not running high doses for long periods as permanent organ enlargement is a distinct possibility, and its unlikely to be the organ you would choose to have enlarged.


Until next time. Train hard and fight easy Russianstar


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