High dose peptide cycles

I prefer to call High dose Peptide cycles lasting no longer than 6 weeks as burst cycles, as the principal is the same as burst cycle with AAS.

What your looking to achieve is to exaggerate the benefits of peptides and then cease before sides become prominent, The difference with peptides as they have a totally different affect on your organism, and its functions than AAS.

After an Anabolic cycle, you would still need a mild pct even if the burst cycle was only 2 or 3 weeks. As we know muscle growth comes in surges, once IGF levels are elevated, and testosterone is high, Muscles will grow, the longer you use an anabolic though the greater the risk of sides, and you increase the mount of time your shutdown, the longer you are, the harder recovery to your HPTA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Testicular Axis )

So you increase the dose and run it for less time, increasing the speed as to which plasma serum levels become saturated, and the speed to which igf levels hit a high enough level to cause muscle growth.


Peptides can work in a similar way…

If you run low dose cycles for up to a year, you will see very little in the way of increased muscle, but you will receive the benefits of its anti-aging properties, increased collagen synthesis, cell turnover and slightly elevated igf, leading to fat loss, improved nutrient partitioning, and insulin function. But we are focusing here on muscle gain and fat loss, the 2 big hitters that peptides offer.

Running a high dose protocol will cause a few reactions in the body, increased cortisol which will affect sleep negatively and cause muscle catabolism if its too high, and the other nasty hormone here is prolactin, which rises through GH exerting its affects. The longer a high dose is ran, the greater the increase in sides caused by these 2 powerful hormones.

Burst cycling keys.

Firstly we need to keep the cycle length short… 6 weeks is the max, i prefer 4. Second we need to use a 3 x ed dosing method to synchronize with our own GH pulse, this prevents sides. Thirdly we need to use a dose that will exert anabolic actions quickly. Fourth we need to choose the right peptides for the job.

Cycle example.

Weeks 1-4 7 am 400mcg ipamorelin,  GRF 1-29 300mcg 2pm  400mcg ghrp-2, GRF 1-29 300MCG 9pm 1000mcg Ipamorelin, 500mcg GRF 1-29

The idea of using ipamorelin, is it has little affect on prolactin and cortisol, while being a very effective ghrp, using it AM and PM allows for its unique ability to trigger a secondary gh pulse about 7 hours after the initial one upon dosing, making it ideal AM and PM. GHRP-2 has powerful slow wave sleep enhancing benefits and for this reason, the midday shot will trigger the right kind of GH to allow restful sleep at night. This could easily be substituted for GHRP-6.

A GHRH such as GRF 1-29 acts on different populations of somatotropes (GH releasing cells).  GHRPs increases the number of somatotropes releasing GH but not the amount released by each cell, the GHRH affects both the number of secreting cells and then in turn how much GH is secreted by these cells.. The combination then of using either Modified GRF 1-29 or Semorelin, along with a GHRP is a true synergy, in this case 1+ 1 = 5 the power than the 2 combined is greater than the sum of their individual parts.


What results can you expect?


Everyone is different, and will respond very differently to peptides, but the potential for gains is great, depending on a number of factors, During PCT this will solidify and help maintain your gains as your own testosterone levels rise.

In combination with an AAS cycle, where you would perhaps see 7-10lb over 4 weeks, with this added combination of increased GH and therefore IGF, 15-20lbs is possible, some of this will be water weight, but tht will subside upon cessation.

If used as a stand alone, i personally have gained over 6lbs in 4 weeks and kept every lb, while lowering my bf by 1 whole percent. This is also a very effective quick fix for injuries, as the anti inflammatory nature of GH along with increased collagen repletion and added lubrication can help someone recover much faster.

Increasing your IGF levels high enough ( a tell tale sign of increased GH) is the main contributor to new muscle growth, this cant happen at smaller doses, unless cjc-1295 DAC ws used, as the GH bleed causes igf levels to rise very quickly..

This can be used very effectively in a burst cycle, using CJC DAC for the first 3 weeks at 4000mcg a week divided into 4 1000mcg doses, this can in effect kick start your burst cycle to cause even bigger and better gains, and really help with fat loss if that is your goal.

If calories are cut right down during a burst cycle, Rapid fat loss and muscle hardening can be seen, add to this the health benefits, and you cant really go wrong.



Deciding if a burst cycle is for you.


If you can afford it and your looking for fast results, running 2 or 3 of these cycles a year can and will if used properly take your physique to a new level, you will get the amount of GH needed to burn fat, and build muscle, running a supplement like Androst-3,5-dien7,17-dione can eliminate any increase in prolactin or cortisol, so even water retention can be kept at a minimum.

Running a longer low dose cycle just doesn’t equate to the same gains in the long run, it cant happen, igf levels never get high enough, and the amount of GH just isn’t enough to really show the fat loss potential or ability to induce satellite cells to maturity, resulting in hypertrophy of the muscle.

Caution is advised if using GHRP-6 i never suggest a dose higher than 400mcg, as the hunger that entails will lead to very wet dirty gains, but if your goal is to bulk, then it would be ideal..


I hope you enjoy your cycle.




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