Methyldiazirinol the new Designer steroid.

Triumphalis, Methyl-diaz
Anabolic/ Androgenic ratio 300/20
Half life 6 hours.
What is Methyldiazirinol?
Methyldiazirinol was first researched  at lederle labs. They then published the results in 1956, and got a patent for the steroid in 1966.
As it has a high anabolic ratio and low androgenic, it would appear to have similar properties to anavar, but act a little more like a stronger version of cynostane in
Julius Vida’s Androgens and Anabolic Agents. In a section detailing “Compounds displaying decreased androgenic activity coupled with increased anabolic activity”,
Promote larger muscle gains with little sides and lots of lethargy.
Its formula is a derivative of diazirinol and may be slightly unstable under heat or over periods of time.
Its structure is very similar to other known and widely used steroids such as Epistane , the difference being instead of Epistane’s episulfide heterocyclic ring in the 2nd and 3rd carbon position, Methyl-diaz has a Diazarine heterocyclic ring.
It is also very similar to Furazabol and Winstrol with again the difference being the 3rd position with Furazabol having a furazane ring, and winstrol having a pyrazole  heterocyclic ring fused at carbon positions 2 and 3.
So Just from that we can see that its likely to be quite dry, and good for cutting, and explosive strength and lean mass.
Receptor bonding is improved in the case of Methyl-diaz with instead of a 3-ketone it contains a stronger nucleophilic heteroatom. The additional Nitrogen atom improves its performance and assimilation.
Being methylated improves its performance, and don’t let its similarities to steroids that don’t add much mass fool you, Dianabol is basically methylated Equipoise, yet its affects are nothing alike.
The same here with Methyl-diaz,  It has similarities with cutting steroids yet this unique 3,3 azo Anabolic designer steroid shows much promise as an out and out mass builder, with very little sides, but masses of nitrogen retention.
Cycle length and dosing
This shouldn’t be run for more than 5 weeks, with the best gains coming around weeks 3 and 4. A daily amount of 40-50 mg will offer users a huge amount of increased strength and mass, with gains in the region of 10-15lbs.
Methyl-diaz should be taken with foods containing fat to increase its assimilation by the body.
One can expect gains similar to superdrol, similar sides, but less toxicity. Logs and reviews seem promising. Water retention will be glycogen induced as it does not convert to estrogen. This coumpound will increase nitrogen retention so recovery will be greatly improved. It has good bioavailability with doses of around 20mg 2 x ed. The androgenic affects of this steroid will be reduced and most noticeable via AR regulation, so mainly seen through increased muscle hardness.
It Like Superdol appears to be dry, but to get its full anabolic affects large amounts of glycogen will be needed, so the increased glycogen storage will make it look like you are holding a lot of water.
As the cycle extends into the 4th week or so, these wetter gains will harden up and noticed size increase will be seen.
Toxicity and PCT.
We can expect a negative impact on the liver, blood pressure and good cholesterol, so prevention before and during the cycle by using cycle support supplements would be beneficial.
It appears to be a lot less toxic than other powerful mass building steroids.
Methyl-diaz doesn’t convert to DHT, oestrogen, or interact with progestin, it has its own direct affects on the AR receptor in the muscle, and therefore is unlikely to cause any kind of hair loss
Kindest regards Russianstar

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