NEED2SLIN V2 How to use it!


60 servings per container ,Serving size 2 caps.

Bergenin 200mg
Crape Myrtle Tannis 200mg
Gymnema Sylvestre 150mg
4-hydroxyisoleucine 100mg
Green tea extract 100mg

Coleus forskohlii 40mg
Green Coffe Bean Extract 80mg

The ultimate nutrient uptake potentiator is here!! Need2slin v2

Following in the footsteps of the remarkable Need2slin produced by, Need2slin v2 breaks new ground and offers users a whole host of tremendous potential uses.
When incorporating Need2slin v2 into your bulking diet, 2 caps 3 times every day, 20 mins before meals is the suggested use.
This will provide everything your body needs to force nutrients into the muscle, prevent unhealthy insulin spikes, and allow for maximal glycogen uptake , and at the same time release the fat burning hormones your body needs to break down fat for energy and fuel.
If you are not running keto, then 2 caps 2 x every day 20 mins before the meals containing the largest amount of carbs is the suggested use.
This will allow the carbs to be shot-gunned into the muscle increasing glut-4 uptake, and preventing and carbs being able to be stored as fat. We are essentialy manipulating the storage hormone insulin to do exactly what we want, Store nutrients in the muscle and away from fat cells.
1 cap 3 x ed,  1st thing in the AM, once around midday and last thing at night.
This will prevent any kind of blood sugar spikes , preventing insulin release, and will keep cravings under control.
At the same time the outstanding combination of synergistic ingredients will allow for the fat burning hormones to be released at a greater degree, preventing any kind of fat storage. This product also lowers cortisol and will allow for a greater amount of nitrogen retention while in a carb deficit.
The unique way this product works also means that despite there being no carbs in the diet, it still force feeds the muscle with all the nutrients it needs to grow and recover as outlined in the need2slin ingredient profile article.
Need2slin v2 The first nutrient repartitioner designed to be just as effective even in keto.

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