Need2slin v2 Profile


60 servings per container ,Serving size 2 caps.

Bergenin 200mg
Crape Myrtle Tannis 200mg
Gymnema Sylvestre 150mg
4-hydroxyisoleucine 100mg
Green tea extract 100mg

Coleus forskohlii 40mg
Green Coffe Bean Extract 80mg

Ok so lets break it down.

Bergenin monohydrate has been included for 2 key reasons.
1.It opposes the lipogenic activities of insulin. The mechanism appears to be through the enhancement of norepinephrine to phospholipids of adipose cells. This is vital, preventing fat storage from your most powerful storage hormone, while allowing fat cells to break down and be used as an energy source.
Besides this Bergenin has positive affects on the heart, anti-cancer affects and numerous other health benefits.
2 It displays moderate activity against an enzyme called protein tyrosine phospatase 1B (PTP1B). This enzyme negatively regulates insulin and leptin signalling and some of the positive effects of insulin and leptin (blood sugar and appetite regulation) may be enhanced by its inhibition, It is believed that by preventing insulin spikes which is what bergenin does, it protects against insulin desensitization, and pancreatic damage caused by many western diets, the regular spikes seen in these diets causes long term damage as blood sugar levels are rarely stable.

Crape myrtle Taken from a study this shows the benefits of including the extract of crape myrtle.
Multiple metabolic effects have been reported for corosolic acid, including stimulated glucose uptake with a similar induction time and a dose-dependent response to that of insulin in adipocytes in vitro.In type 2 diabetic mouse models, orally administered corosolic acid significantly increased the translocation of GLUT4 in muscle. With regards to hepatic glucose metabolism, corosolic acid has been shown to inhibit gluconeogenesis via increased production of Fructose-2, 6-Bisphosphate, lowering cAMP levels, and inhibiting cAMP-dependent protein kinase; and possibly promote glycolysis via increased glucokinase activity independent of glucose-6-phosphate activity. Also, in cultured cells, corosolic acid has been noted to induce insulin receptor phosphorylation by increasing the level of tyrosine phosphorylation of insulin receptor.
By turning insulin receptors on, the potential for greater nutrient uptake as shown by the increased translocation of GLUT4 in muscle shows its possible use in increasing muscle recovery, glycogen retention, and healthy glucose response. Crape myrtle allows you to use insulin where you need it , in the muscle, and when insulin is released at meal times.

Gymnema Sylvestra standardized to the highest amount of Acids available.
By adding G.S to the formula, you are able to help your body produce more insulin in response to meals. Insulin when you need it combined with Bergenin effectively opposing insulin’s fat storing ability, preventing blood sugar spikes in the day, so more of the insulin produced will shuttle the nutrients you eat straight into your muscle cells. Combined with Crape myrtle your insulin receptors on the muscle cell surface are turned ON allowing this to take place.

4-Hydroxyisoleucine Is a tremendously exciting ingredient, again causing insulin release at just the right time while lowering blood sugar through the day and allowing a much more stable glucose level.
This Article points to its therapeutic potential, and its ability to increase insulin release based on the amount of glucose ingested. This is important as the greater the insulin response at times when its needed increases the amount of nutrients utilised and stored in the muscle.
This above article shows its health benefits, such as lowered cholesterol, while improving insulin response at times when its needed.
The addition of this Amino acid will enhance the affects of all the other ingredients, while allowing increased insulin response at the right times, while preventing insulin spikes when its not needed.

Green tea extract EGCG, Even though in rodents its been shown to have insulin potentiating properties, little evidence is available to show it has that affect in humans, However it does lower blood pressure, help fat break down, and more importantly in this case is that it lowers cortisol. Cortisol our stress hormone can increase fat storage, which is what we are trying to avoid, and its Catabolic to muscle.
The combination of lowering cortisol and its quite effective fat burning properties was enough to include it in this formula, without its well known health benefits, but it doesn’t stop there.
Supplementation with EGCG resulted in noticeably lower concentrations of TNF-malondialdehyde, alpha, interleukin 1-beta and MCP-1 24 hours after exercise.
This shows it helps prevent muscle breakdown, the perfect combination with the above ingredients, We are stopping muscle breakdown , and the other ingredients promote growth and recovery.
There is evidence showing Green tea is very potent at allowing more insulin uptake in the muscle, as more studies are concluded this seems more likely, which could be a contributing factor as to why those who supplement with EGCG have far better body composition, heart health, and muscle strength.
Also in a dietary situation its been shown to improve mood, which is always a bonus.

Coleus forskholi activates the enzyme adenylate cyclase in cells. This causes the number of cAMP molecules in cells to increase, making the cells more sensitive to messages from hormones, 40mg of Coleus from my research was enough to allow this messenger signal cAMP to prevent insulin targeting fat hormones, and instead allows insulin to do its best job of shuttling nutrients into muscle.
Not only that but cAMP helps pancreatic cells that produce insulin heal and repair, and increases the amount of fat burning hormones your body produces.

Green coffee bean extract (Cholinergic acid) This was an exciting addition, Cholinergic acid is clinically proven to significantly reduce visceral fat. It also helps decrease gluconeogenesis, This is the process of turning non-carbohydrate foods, such as protein, into sugar. That means even on a low carb/high protein diet, a greater percentage of the protein you eat may be turned into glucose and then stored as fat, defeating what your trying to achieve.
The inclusion of Green coffee bean extract allows users to use N2SLIN V2 even when in keto, increasing protein uptake and increasing fat loss.

NEED2SLIN V2 key points

High blood glucose levels lower testosterone, and increase fat storage, we combat this with Need2slin v2.
N2slin v2 allows insulin to be released when its most needed at meal times, while preventing uneven blood sugar levels through the day.
It causes greater release of fat burning hormones.
Increases fat break down.
Causes greater glycogen uptake by muscle.
Lowers cholesterol
Protects the liver
Cardiovascular protection.
lowers blood pressure
Prevents muscle break down.
Improves mood
Lowers cortisol.
Speeds up muscle recovery.
Can be used even in a keto diet.
Can be used to clean bulk, to recomp, or to lose weight.
Its safe for men or women.

If you want to take your training and results to the next level, you want to stay healthy, grow lean body mass, and increase recovery while lowering body fat N2SLIN V2 is for you.
The first specifically designed nutrient repartitioner that can be used in high carb diets or in keto

This might just be the most specific, and outstanding insulin potentiator ever designed.
This is very soon to be released so keep an eye on the latest news here at E.F


Russianstar for design.

Needtobuildmuscle for production


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