Bulbine Natalensis ( The truth) Test booster or supplement scam?


Ok so a certain shady individual who some how has a lot of respect did some research on bulbine, he wasnt the first as studies had been carried out in a few countrys prior to his, although he claimed he was the first… a typical move to try and achieve status.

Any there is a lot of info published about bulbine and im going to set it straight.

In animals 100mg per kilo of bodyweight lowered testosterone levels and raised cholesterol.. bulbine dosing has been described as a U shape, and the right dose would take you to the peak of the U if you imagine it upside down, too little extract and you get no real increases too much and you go up and over the peak and back down the other side… Also whatever dose was used estrogen was reduced in rat studies.

Ok, well in humans thats…

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