WWW.RUSSIANSTARPEPTIDES.COM why you need to buy your steroids and peptides here!

I searched far and wide on the forums and found many many members have been scammed and ripped off by sites selling either junk or not selling gear at all, just taking users money.

So I decided to travel and find the best ugl gear, and the best ugl peptides. Then I designed a user friendly website, that offers customers what they want.

Free shipping on orders over 200$

We ship worldwide, guaranteed delivery even to countries like Australia and Brazil.

We offer the best customer service! Anything you want just ask enquiries@russianstarpeptides.com

There is a video of our lab facility on the website, where the gear is produced in a super clean environment. Not a garage or bedroom.

The gear and peptides are manufactured by PHD chemists, who know how to brew and deliver, and its overseen by me to make sure you get the best quality. We even over fill our gear by up to 1cc.

Payment is easy and discreet, you can pay via paypal, or western union or money gram if preferred. Just choose your products and check out.

If you require a complete price list, bulk pricing, or you want to request a product from botox to dermal fillers we can provide those to.

Orders@Russianstarpeptides.com if you know what you want but cant be bothered going through the website.

Packaging comes as stealth with anti detection packaging.

Glass vials with embedded vial description, not cheap stickers. And no fillers used in our capsules.

Raw gh powder can be provided, and we sell ansome gh and jintropins which are tested on a regular basis.

International anabolics are the new big players on the world scene, and now we are in Europe. Providing dnp, peptides, ancillaries and gear.

If your looking for a provider you can trust, then trust me Russianstar, ive worked for every reputable company there is and I know the game inside out. You will be safe with us. International anabolics sponsors professional muscle forums, and shortly Russianstarpeptides will to.

Follow us on facebook Russianstarpeptides and on twitter @rsppeptides

Soon we will have muscle gear forums up and running and if you want to sponsor our forum please feel free.

Kindest regards Russianstar.



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