OUR BRAND NEW Hairloss product ZOI

We are pleased to announce our state of the art transdermal hair loss treatment.

ZOI (Anti hair loss treatment)

This amazing product is as follows.


Minoxidil 5%

Ru58841 15%

Caffeine 3%

Copper peptide GHK

Silk aminos

Ketaconzole 2.5%

And Epithalon/Epitalon 5%

This line up completes the most powerful hair treatment ever made.

Suitable for men and women, Zoi is taken from the greek work for life, and this product will bring life back to your scalp,

Women if you want thick long hair, this is the product for you.

First it de-scales the scalp. Then it re-vitalises follicles, strengthens them, opens potassium Channels, and blocks androgens.

This is to be left on overnight and stored in the fridge.

Kindest regards




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