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That’s the lowest price on the internet for any DHT gel, let alone the best one there is, TITAN is the worlds strongest DHT gel, and the best priced

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Titan 12% DHT GEL

The worlds strongest topical DHT gel!

Penis enlargement / extension cream. Scientifically formulated to increase penis length and girth through topical application
Can reduce estrogen and improve vascularity, while improving libido, muscle hardness and fat loss.

Polythene Glycol

12% DHT

Patent pending DERMA assimilation complex.

30 Servings

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What is TITAN?
Titan is a product that contains a designated amount of DHT per serving in a liquid carrier, slightly more viscose than a liquid and less so than a gel.
DHT is also what testosterone converts into which when it goes through this conversion differs in its affects from DHT applied in a transdermal form.
Titan is very quickly assimilated, penetrates the epidermis, and attaches itself to androgen receptors where applied, its also down regulates oestrogen receptors in the area applied.
Along with DHT, TITAN uses a unique patent pending carrier system and vitamin profile to aid in stronger erections and aid in blood flow.

TITAN shuttles DHT through the epidermis and it then attaches to androgen receptors causing a cascade of affects, the first being the signal to ignite the satellite cells and the gene signalling system to effectively prepare for growth.
The second is for these cells to mature and develop in a natural way that for some reason nature or nurture hasn’t previously allowed.
After a period of time which is very variable , the combination of stretching and exercise while using TITAN will unlock the potential size hidden away in your DNA.
This is not some pill that offers a miracle, DHT gel has been used to treat micro penis, and if you look online many p.e forums have found great success using a far weaker less utilised form of dhtgel.How does it work?

How much should I use?
TITAN may appear expensive, but used 2 times a day, a finger tip measurement (from the top of the finger to the first digit crease) will allow the user to apply this for near 8 weeks, TITAN should be used for at least 12 months continually with combined exercise for full effect on penis growth.

Will TITAN cause shutdown or hair loss?
No , the simple reason being transdermal DHT doesn’t get used in a systematic way, and is very localised to the area applied, because it acts like this it doesn’t signal your body to shutdown, and it doesn’t get carried to other androgen rich areas such at the hair line or prostate.

Can TITAN be used to treat GYNO?
Yes, a way that I’m finding very effective with clients is, to use a dermal roller, 0.5mm to penetrate the epidermis on the areas affected, and to then apply titan. This causing a shrinking of the affected area.

Can TITAN be used to masculinise a woman?
Yes, if this is your desire, 4 x application daily to the chest and clitoral area will provide masculinisation in combination with other treatments.

Can you use more than the recommended amount for greater affect?
Yes you can, but only to a certain degree before no more DHT can be assimilated in a certain time frame by the androgen receptors in the areas applied.

Why does TITAN smell so strong
One of the reasons is DMSO part of the carrier I designed , but we are working on making it smell a lot more fragrant.

*UPDATE* we removed the smell!!

It came in a clear bottle unmarked? Is that TITAN?
Yes that’s stealth packaging.

It looks like a clear liquid.

Does TITAN work?
Proof is in the pudding so to speak, ive had many reviews sent to me so far from around the world with users seeing results from it, just remember its not an overnight cure for anything and it takes time and effort, but it does work as science shows, and the hundreds of users online who have used the weak prescription form of the DHT gel and seen a very varied increase in size and girth, some as much as 2.7 inches in a 12 month period.

Scientific studies show topical dht is a successful way to increase penis length and girth with no long term side effects.


Just check out the reviews for this amazing product, one guy on our reviews says he added nearly 3 inches in 7 months of using TITAN!!

The time to grow has never been better!!







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