The science of vanity

The science of vanity.

A post by a friend of mine on Facebook, K.A, who I am sure wont mind me mentioning her, really got me thinking.

We strive in the fitness field, and bodybuilding fields, for so called beauty, and ultimately the perception of good health, But is half starving yourself, counting calories constantly, making yourself feel guilty about every carb you eat during diet periods healthy? We can ask that rhetorical question about both the state of mental health we are in as well as physical.

Then we have to wonder how much damage all the supplements cause, the huge amount of strain heavy lifting causes, To be the best even so called natural bodybuilders use P.E.D’s, that’s (performance enhancing drugs) I know of two high level fitness competitors who are male who do so.

The question I am really asking here though is this… Where does it stop? Is the athletes health more important than the mask that they try to get others to see? Or are we all really fully aware that the lifestyle is unhealthy?

I think being a fitness model myself, I pride myself on good health, and looking good, but I wont sacrifice good health for the looking good part, to me it comes hand in hand, healthy minds lead to healthy dispositions and that also makes you more attractive.

I don’t pump my body full of supplements, and I feel proud of my physique. I wonder if others get the same feeling of contentment? The point here is if you want to be the best, you are going to have to push yourself beyond most peoples limits, here are some examples.

1. You mental strength will be challenged.

2. Your physical health , both through injuries and from the P.E.D’s you take will suffer.

3. How your perceived by the public may bring you down, more so if your a woman than a man, as perceptions of women with any kind of muscularity are very dated.

4. You challenge yourself everyday to just be able to stay motivated to reach your goal.

The answer here is, do the sacrifices out weigh the goal? If they do, its not worth putting up with the above, but if your goal is your own , and I emphasise (OWN) ultimate prize, then the sacrifices will be more than worth it.

The science of vanity is not how others see you, but how you see yourself, You are the one who has to live with the decisions you make, short term and long term, weather its cosmetic, internal, or mental, and your the one who has to suffer the hard times when your dieting, injured, or ill, But remember your also the one who enjoys the highs, and the success of victory and achievement. If something’s easy, its never worth it, and if something’s worth it, its never easy. Try to compartmentalize the whole situation, its not for the rest of your life that you want to be the best in your field of competing, just for a brief period on the scale of things, so I offer you this advice. For every week of hard training, you get a day off you can use at any time, I train hard for 10 weeks then get 10 days off, it helps you re-focus, get your hunger back, re-set, and it gives your mind and body the rest it craves, sanity is your biggest asset when your making so many sacrifices on a daily basis.

One last bit of advice, if you lose your health, your unlikely to ever get it back.

Is it happiness you crave, or success, to truly achieve, you have to be a narcissist, and your vanity, that is your own science.


Until next time, take care all. RS



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