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Titan 12% dht gel (faq)

What is Titan?

Its a clear rapidly absorbed liquid containing DHT

How much DHT is in Titan?

Per serving you get 12.5mg of Titan, 2 servings a day, the bottle will last you 2 months.

1500mg of DHT per bottle.

Who can use it?

If you want a granite like appearance the pros get, you can use titan for that as DHT drys you out and reduces estrogen. it also lowers SHGB without putting strain on your liver.

If you are suffering with issues caused by DECA or TREN , then the so called Deca dick can be prevented by the use of 3 applications to the shoulders and chest per day of titan.

If you have a penis you are not happy with, 2 x a day applications of Titan can grow your penis, both in length and girth.

If you are dieting, Titan can help reduce fat and dry you out, 3 x applications per day will reduce GYNO when applied to the nipple area.

If you are a Transgender, or in the process of a sex change, Titan will save you huge amounts of money and help you become more masculine in record time.

Anyone can use Titan, long term use has shown to be safe.


How does it look?

Titan is a clear gel, we send it stealth so it is very discreet.

Where do you ship too?

We ship worldwide, signed and tracked so you can have faith you will receive titan.

How do I know it will work?

Lots of studies show DHT gel will work in the areas discussed above.

Why should I use TITAN?

Titan is patent pending and is the STRONGEST DHT gel on the market, specially designed to be safe to use on your penis area,

What payments do you accept?

Western union,  paypal, and soon bitcoin.

Is it legal?

Depending on your country as laws vary.

Where can I buy it?

Click here!


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Ok guys are there is some confusion here.

Testosterone converts into two very distinct hormones.
And DHT OR DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE, OR 5a-dihydrotestosterone.

Testosterone converts into DHT via 5a reductase.

Other names for DHT are..

Androstolone, stanolone, anabolex, anaprotin, andractim, androlone, gelovit, pseomax, stanaprl, neoprol, adactrim, testexdht, and of course the first real copy and strongest formula on the market TITAN.

DHT is used in science and in medicine as an androgen, it cannot via any pathway convert into Testosterone.
It cannot aromatize, and so therefore it cannot cause any of the sides associated with Testosterone conversion into estrogen.

DHT has 33 times the affinity to Androgen receptors than Testosterone.
If a person is born with congenital 5-a reductase deficiency , you wont have the predominant characteristics of a fully developed man, and some of these are..
Gyno , small penis, high balls, low testosterone, a round face, weak features, no body hair, small chin, saggy skin.
They may have normal testosterone levels, but without DHT they do not develop normally.

DHT binds stronger to receptors than estrogen, which is why it can be used instead of aromasin, arimidex or letro to reduce estrogen without lowering igf. Even though aromasin elevates igf , it does not to the same degree dht does.

DHT can be used to prevent gyno, and it has been used to treat gyno caused by a lack of dht in many clinical studies. Masteron was used as an injectable because of its ability to bind to the androgen receptor and reduce GYNO, it also can lower water retention on cycle caused by estrogen and prolactin.
DHT does this to a far greater degree, it also reduces SHBG far more than provirion, winny or masteron.

The other way DHT works is to increase penis length, by binding to the receptors in the penis it increases length, health, and girth of the erection and flaccid penis. Studies have shown DHT to be the only successful way to treat a small penis or micro penis. And its been prescribed for this with an inflated price tag.

TITAN is DHT nothing else, with a unique carrier its able to penetrate and bind to the androgen receptor, it lowers estrogen, dries up the user, and increases mental clarity. Over time prolonged use increases the penis length and makes the user more masculine.

Why would you want to lower your estrogen, or use a synthetic estrogen when you can use TITAN?

Over use can interfere with testosterone production and lower its output, but through topical application this is rarely an issue.

Kindest regards R.S








This is steves log of huis results so far using TITAN.


If you are a member you can read his success here.

These are real world results, please follow this guy and how he is changing his life.


Get a bigger penis!!

Its the last 24 hours then the price will go back to its normal rrp. If you are looking to change your life this is the product for you.

Titan 12% dht gel will change your life, the reviews, the loggers are showing this, Applying titan just 2 x a day for 3 months plus, 1 bottle lasts about 5 weeks, groth and changes appear and become permanent.


This isn’t some hyped up product or magic pill, DHT gel has been proven beyond doubt by science to increase penis size and girth.

Many studies show regular application will reverse the bad hand nature handed you, and as everything is sent stealth, no one will ever know that you have found the answer.


Thank you for supporting  change,  why should we settle for what we were given by nature?




Introducing Epitalon and Our patent pending carrier gel

We are proud to let you all know epitalon a full 20 day course of 10mg a day will be available for 1000k dollars or 700gbp . The only true proven life extending, anti ageing  peptide will be added this month!


We will be selling our carrier gel so you can add your own products for transdermal application. This unique formula containing 30ml will be available for just 25 dollars a bottle or 18gbp.

Keep your eyes peeled we have more exciting news coming your way.

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