Ok guys are there is some confusion here.

Testosterone converts into two very distinct hormones.
And DHT OR DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE, OR 5a-dihydrotestosterone.

Testosterone converts into DHT via 5a reductase.

Other names for DHT are..

Androstolone, stanolone, anabolex, anaprotin, andractim, androlone, gelovit, pseomax, stanaprl, neoprol, adactrim, testexdht, and of course the first real copy and strongest formula on the market TITAN.

DHT is used in science and in medicine as an androgen, it cannot via any pathway convert into Testosterone.
It cannot aromatize, and so therefore it cannot cause any of the sides associated with Testosterone conversion into estrogen.

DHT has 33 times the affinity to Androgen receptors than Testosterone.
If a person is born with congenital 5-a reductase deficiency , you wont have the predominant characteristics of a fully developed man, and some of these are..
Gyno , small penis, high balls, low testosterone, a round face, weak features, no body hair, small chin, saggy skin.
They may have normal testosterone levels, but without DHT they do not develop normally.

DHT binds stronger to receptors than estrogen, which is why it can be used instead of aromasin, arimidex or letro to reduce estrogen without lowering igf. Even though aromasin elevates igf , it does not to the same degree dht does.

DHT can be used to prevent gyno, and it has been used to treat gyno caused by a lack of dht in many clinical studies. Masteron was used as an injectable because of its ability to bind to the androgen receptor and reduce GYNO, it also can lower water retention on cycle caused by estrogen and prolactin.
DHT does this to a far greater degree, it also reduces SHBG far more than provirion, winny or masteron.

The other way DHT works is to increase penis length, by binding to the receptors in the penis it increases length, health, and girth of the erection and flaccid penis. Studies have shown DHT to be the only successful way to treat a small penis or micro penis. And its been prescribed for this with an inflated price tag.

TITAN is DHT nothing else, with a unique carrier its able to penetrate and bind to the androgen receptor, it lowers estrogen, dries up the user, and increases mental clarity. Over time prolonged use increases the penis length and makes the user more masculine.

Why would you want to lower your estrogen, or use a synthetic estrogen when you can use TITAN?

Over use can interfere with testosterone production and lower its output, but through topical application this is rarely an issue.

Kindest regards R.S








Steves log for TITAN 12%dht gel

This guy wrote a review on my site and I was inspired by this guy, very honest and deliberate , a guy struggling with feelings of insecurity. 3 months after first buying Titan, the guy has seen changes, and even more importantly felt them. He feels more confident and that’s a continued journey to where he wants to be.


Here are a list of reviews from the website for titan so far.

rob (uk) – 12/03/2016:

Been using this for 12 weeks, had it checked first, its supposed to be 12% dht but its actually stronger, was 14%. And real DHT so that was good, also ive gained 1.3 cm in length already. I will be running this for at least a year.
Thank you Russianstar for bringing out an amazing product, customer for life here. Don’t like the DMSO smell though haha. Best thing is flaccid length is up nearly 0.7 inches!! And balls look swollen, erections seem harder but that might be my imagination. I will let you all know how it goes!
RUssianstar – 13/03/2016:

I am glad to hear of your results , I’m sure there will be a lot more results before long.
Thank you, R.s


    out of 5



      I wont say my name as I am a little embarrassed , but I want to share my experiences. I have micro penis, and the nhs wont help me as they say I’m of sound mind, what a joke, anyway in November 2015 I came across this. Ive been using it 3 x a day every day, nhs told me it would need 3 years of dht application so I’m not expecting miracles.


      4 months in I have increased in length 0.5 inches which for me is massive, I’m using a pump now as I was too small to use it earlier and every day it feels stronger and longer, this may well change my entire life. if it does you deserve the nobel bro! Thank you hope you don’t mind me posting this up you can moderate it if you like.


    Thanks again DR WHOO

4 out of 5

Mr big – 08/04/2016:Well I have one complaint the smell, but apart from that ive been using this since December and I’m much thicker in girth which is what I wanted, it takes time and every day application but the stuff works!! Bravo!!


5 out of 5

Cigarguy19 – 28/04/2016:

I can’t give a full review yet, as I just tried it today. I was waiting by the mailbox like a hawk. I did not notice a strong smell. It must be from your new batch. It’s more of a liquid than a cream or gel. That makes it a little difficult to measure. Other than that, I’m glad you made this. I’d love to know where Rob had it tested. Here’s to bigger and better things.

levi.filimanov – 02/05/2016:

Thank you so much bro, I can message rob on here and find out for you.



5 out of 5

Cigarguy19 – 02/05/2016:
Like I said, the smell isn’t as strong as I’ve read about but it is kind of a metal smell. Dries out the area in which it is applied. However, dryness can be fixed. My first comment is still waiting approval after a few days. Hope you’re still there.

levi.filimanov – 02/05/2016:

Sorry bro didn’t see the comment come in, thank you for your honest review, maybe I can work on the dryness with the next batch.


5 out of 5

bango – 02/05/2016:

I have using this for 12 weeks and this week I’m seeing a change , I know dmso can big vasolidation , (right word?) but this is different the muscle is getting thicker.
My cousin ordered this too and she is using it because she having a sex to change into men. She say it save her so much euro because other gel is weak and expensive.
Thank you great Titan product,!!

5 out of 5

Amyra– 06/05/2016:

Thank you from Dubai!!!


5 out of 5

LUIS – 06/05/2016:

This is great, good customer service and very helpful.
I send this all the way from brazil!


5 out of 5

Cigarguy19 – 12/05/2016:

Wow Levi. I’m impressed. I’m starting to notice a bit of growth after 2 weeks. Thank you for making such a high percentage at a decent price. Bango is correct about the other product; low percentage and very high cost. Gives a nice tingle when applied too, lol. Must be the vasodialation. I should probably get my testosterone level checked to make sure it’s not getting too high. Thanks again.


5 out of 5

Steve – 16/05/2016:

Hi my name is steve and this has changed my life, no lie.. you deserve a nobel prize bro
I am logging this on bodybuilding.com amazing stuff.

  1. Please all follow me, I’m just an average joe, no affiliations.
    Huge thanks from Canada.


    Please follow steves log I hope he keeps it updated, the sale for Titan is still going on. If you post an honest review on the website by clicking the star rating below Titan then email me your review at orders@russianstarpeptides.com ,  your next order I will give you a free bottle of titan when you buy 2 bottles!!! Buy 2 get 1 free just for posting your review.

We need to spread the word and help other guys like steve who struggle with insecurities , and we all need your support to do this.

Thank you R.s


Russianstar: Experiences with Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin profile.

Firstly just so everyone knows what we are talking about here is a look at one of the best peptides available.

Ipamorelin is a GHRP (growth hormone releasing peptide) receptor-active GH secretagogue, it doesnt significanly effect cortisol or prolactin, so this makes it highly specific for GH release.


It has also been found that 12 weeks of treatment with ipamorelin increased bone mass in young adult female rats in one study that can be found on pubmed.

It is important to remember that Ipamorelin is a ghrelin mimetic, and an analog to ghrelin.
However it doesnt cause the kind of hunger feelings caused by ghrp-6.
Ipamorelin acts with synergy when used during your own GHRH (growth-hormone releasing hormone) pulse or when coadministered with GHRH or a GHRH analog such as Sermorelin or cjc.
The synergy comes about due to both the obvious suppression of somatostatin and the increases in GH release per-somatotrope, while GHRH increases the number of somatotropes that release GH.
Due to the fact that its selective and doesnt really alter cortisol or prolactin levels, this makes Ipamorelin a very exciting peptide, it is as effective as ghrp-6 without the increase in hunger or cortisol or prolactin serum levels, and it has another property unique to Ipamorelin.
A mega-dose of ipamorelin results in a mega-release of GH (up to the entire amount that is actualy present in the pituitary), whereas GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 have limits of approximately 1mcg/kg in humans for their maximal GH release.
I find this very exciting when used directly after training to increase recovery and in the maturation of satelite muscle cells.

Results and experiences.

I used 100mcg 3 times a day, i used it exactly as GHRP-6 in my experiences thread… i used it injected directly in to joints and areas that i have damaged and found over just a 2 week period a massive amount of improvement, in particular in my elbow where i was suffering from a strained ligament.. the pain subsided totaly and full strength returned within 4 weeks.. this was after it hurting on and off for over 3 months. The pain has never returned,

As for its anabolic properties i used 300mcg straight after training to get a much larger pulse in GH, and found recovery improved vastly… over 12 weeks on this protocol i lost about 2 lbs in bodyfat.. but as my BF is very low i think had i been bigger this number would have been considerably higher.
I saw an increase in vascularity.. improved skin texture.. very deep sleep, in fact i was feeling sleepy quite a bith through the day.. minimal water retention and about 3lb gain in mass… sadly i am at my genetic max i feel for size and find it nearly impossible to hold on to anything over my current weight, however 2lb has lasted over 3 months, with the obvious fluctuations in glycogen retention etc… i use an average weight based on 14 readings through the week to get a correct measurement.

If i combined this with something like CJC, wich i hope to do very shortly i feel this could be an incredible combination.. and currently the best peptide combination.. although i still love the effects of ghrp-6, i love the hunger stimulation.
The selective effects of ipamorelin make this a very special peptide..

Russians peptide rating..


This is a must buy and perfect to get to grips with peptides if you are a first time user.

Russianstar : Experiences with GHRP-6

Written by Russianstar, This information is copyright.

Firstly to get things clear GHRP-6 is a peptide a Growth Hormone Releasing hexapeptide , its a 28 amino acid peptide, and it works by signaling to the pitruitary gland to begin secreting Growth Hormone.

2SMolecular Formula C46H56N12O6
Molecular Weight 873.01
CAS Registry Number 87616


GHRP-6 lackS opioid activity, but you get a huge pulse, (dose dependant) in your own GH levels, and you get the effects of the increased IGF-1 secreted by the liver.
Now both the increased GH and IGF-1 are highly desirable for atheletes, bodybuilders and those looking to improve their own physique.
Now you may have heard many tell you that when they take GHRP-6 the best GHRP i have used, that they get a huge and very intense increase in appetite, about 20 mins after the initial injection, Well this is caused by the GHRP-6 antagonising the peptide Ghrelin, it mimicks it, but actualy fights against it causing the signal for gastric emptying and hunger. Ghrelin is what many believes causes obesity, and insulin resistance amongst other things, and i believe this is one way by wich GHRP-6 may help reduce fat, by fighting against it in effect … but, and there is always a but, if you take more than 150mcg the effects of the gastric emptying can be so strong that you may have the urge to severely stuff yourself with foods, so if your on a bulk this is a great side effect, and considering the price its a very good one, so on a bulk i rate this as the number one aid in increasing appetite, as you get very good anabolic effect too and increased strength.

So what can you use it for?
Well personaly i used 150mcg injected directly into the joints or areas that ive had any niggling injuries, the localised effect it has on collagen growth is nothing short of astounding, and i have personaly recovered from a full pectoral tendon tear, where the tendon ripped right of the humerous bone, its now in even better shape than it was prior to the injury, and 5g of the GHRP-6 will last ages when used accordingly, even at this dose fat loss is noticeable and the anabolic effects of increased muscle size and strength can be seen.
One of the other uses is to kick start your own GH after a cycle, a dose of 200-500mcg 2 x a day is sufficient to start your own GH, however it does not mean to say your own GH levels will be where they were before you carried out your cycle, this is user dependant, but it will certainly be a very usefull addition, and a usefull addition to any hormonal cycles PCT as the increased igf-1 levels it brings will greatly increase the chances of you holding on to any muscle you have gained.
Another thing i noticed was the improvement in my immune system, and my well being, this is partly because of the effect GHRP-6 can have on the increase again in IGF-1 wich plays an important role in the healthy function of your immune response. It also has a healthy protective effect on neurons and on the CNS (central nervous system).

In one study i saw recently it was shown that GHRP-6 GHRP-6 has a protective effect on the liver that seems to be mediated by IGF-I, TNF-alpha, and nitric oxide. Data also suggest that the anti-inflammatory effect of GHRP-6 in the liver is exerted on nonparenchymal cells, So again for pct this may prove an invaluable asset.

As for peptides they are fairly new as compared to other anabolics, but they i feel are far better, and have way more potential, just how much remains to be seen.
Just remember with GHRP-6 not to eat carbs or fats 50 mins each side of the dose so as not to interfere with the gh pulse it will cause, and 250mcg 3 x a day is the best dose i found to avoid overly mimicking ghrelin and still cause a large amount of muscle gain, tissue repair and fat loss.

Russianstars peptide rating 8/10.

Kind regards, and happy training. RS