Titan 12% dht gel (faq)

What is Titan?

Its a clear rapidly absorbed liquid containing DHT

How much DHT is in Titan?

Per serving you get 12.5mg of Titan, 2 servings a day, the bottle will last you 2 months.

1500mg of DHT per bottle.

Who can use it?

If you want a granite like appearance the pros get, you can use titan for that as DHT drys you out and reduces estrogen. it also lowers SHGB without putting strain on your liver.

If you are suffering with issues caused by DECA or TREN , then the so called Deca dick can be prevented by the use of 3 applications to the shoulders and chest per day of titan.

If you have a penis you are not happy with, 2 x a day applications of Titan can grow your penis, both in length and girth.

If you are dieting, Titan can help reduce fat and dry you out, 3 x applications per day will reduce GYNO when applied to the nipple area.

If you are a Transgender, or in the process of a sex change, Titan will save you huge amounts of money and help you become more masculine in record time.

Anyone can use Titan, long term use has shown to be safe.


How does it look?

Titan is a clear gel, we send it stealth so it is very discreet.

Where do you ship too?

We ship worldwide, signed and tracked so you can have faith you will receive titan.

How do I know it will work?

Lots of studies show DHT gel will work in the areas discussed above.

Why should I use TITAN?

Titan is patent pending and is the STRONGEST DHT gel on the market, specially designed to be safe to use on your penis area,

What payments do you accept?

Western union,  paypal, and soon bitcoin.

Is it legal?

Depending on your country as laws vary.

Where can I buy it?

Click here!


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Ok guys are there is some confusion here.

Testosterone converts into two very distinct hormones.
And DHT OR DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE, OR 5a-dihydrotestosterone.

Testosterone converts into DHT via 5a reductase.

Other names for DHT are..

Androstolone, stanolone, anabolex, anaprotin, andractim, androlone, gelovit, pseomax, stanaprl, neoprol, adactrim, testexdht, and of course the first real copy and strongest formula on the market TITAN.

DHT is used in science and in medicine as an androgen, it cannot via any pathway convert into Testosterone.
It cannot aromatize, and so therefore it cannot cause any of the sides associated with Testosterone conversion into estrogen.

DHT has 33 times the affinity to Androgen receptors than Testosterone.
If a person is born with congenital 5-a reductase deficiency , you wont have the predominant characteristics of a fully developed man, and some of these are..
Gyno , small penis, high balls, low testosterone, a round face, weak features, no body hair, small chin, saggy skin.
They may have normal testosterone levels, but without DHT they do not develop normally.

DHT binds stronger to receptors than estrogen, which is why it can be used instead of aromasin, arimidex or letro to reduce estrogen without lowering igf. Even though aromasin elevates igf , it does not to the same degree dht does.

DHT can be used to prevent gyno, and it has been used to treat gyno caused by a lack of dht in many clinical studies. Masteron was used as an injectable because of its ability to bind to the androgen receptor and reduce GYNO, it also can lower water retention on cycle caused by estrogen and prolactin.
DHT does this to a far greater degree, it also reduces SHBG far more than provirion, winny or masteron.

The other way DHT works is to increase penis length, by binding to the receptors in the penis it increases length, health, and girth of the erection and flaccid penis. Studies have shown DHT to be the only successful way to treat a small penis or micro penis. And its been prescribed for this with an inflated price tag.

TITAN is DHT nothing else, with a unique carrier its able to penetrate and bind to the androgen receptor, it lowers estrogen, dries up the user, and increases mental clarity. Over time prolonged use increases the penis length and makes the user more masculine.

Why would you want to lower your estrogen, or use a synthetic estrogen when you can use TITAN?

Over use can interfere with testosterone production and lower its output, but through topical application this is rarely an issue.

Kindest regards R.S







Get a bigger penis!!

Its the last 24 hours then the price will go back to its normal rrp. If you are looking to change your life this is the product for you.

Titan 12% dht gel will change your life, the reviews, the loggers are showing this, Applying titan just 2 x a day for 3 months plus, 1 bottle lasts about 5 weeks, groth and changes appear and become permanent.


This isn’t some hyped up product or magic pill, DHT gel has been proven beyond doubt by science to increase penis size and girth.

Many studies show regular application will reverse the bad hand nature handed you, and as everything is sent stealth, no one will ever know that you have found the answer.


Thank you for supporting  change,  why should we settle for what we were given by nature?




Steves log for TITAN 12%dht gel

This guy wrote a review on my site and I was inspired by this guy, very honest and deliberate , a guy struggling with feelings of insecurity. 3 months after first buying Titan, the guy has seen changes, and even more importantly felt them. He feels more confident and that’s a continued journey to where he wants to be.


Here are a list of reviews from the website for titan so far.

rob (uk) – 12/03/2016:

Been using this for 12 weeks, had it checked first, its supposed to be 12% dht but its actually stronger, was 14%. And real DHT so that was good, also ive gained 1.3 cm in length already. I will be running this for at least a year.
Thank you Russianstar for bringing out an amazing product, customer for life here. Don’t like the DMSO smell though haha. Best thing is flaccid length is up nearly 0.7 inches!! And balls look swollen, erections seem harder but that might be my imagination. I will let you all know how it goes!
RUssianstar – 13/03/2016:

I am glad to hear of your results , I’m sure there will be a lot more results before long.
Thank you, R.s


    out of 5



      I wont say my name as I am a little embarrassed , but I want to share my experiences. I have micro penis, and the nhs wont help me as they say I’m of sound mind, what a joke, anyway in November 2015 I came across this. Ive been using it 3 x a day every day, nhs told me it would need 3 years of dht application so I’m not expecting miracles.


      4 months in I have increased in length 0.5 inches which for me is massive, I’m using a pump now as I was too small to use it earlier and every day it feels stronger and longer, this may well change my entire life. if it does you deserve the nobel bro! Thank you hope you don’t mind me posting this up you can moderate it if you like.


    Thanks again DR WHOO

4 out of 5

Mr big – 08/04/2016:Well I have one complaint the smell, but apart from that ive been using this since December and I’m much thicker in girth which is what I wanted, it takes time and every day application but the stuff works!! Bravo!!


5 out of 5

Cigarguy19 – 28/04/2016:

I can’t give a full review yet, as I just tried it today. I was waiting by the mailbox like a hawk. I did not notice a strong smell. It must be from your new batch. It’s more of a liquid than a cream or gel. That makes it a little difficult to measure. Other than that, I’m glad you made this. I’d love to know where Rob had it tested. Here’s to bigger and better things.

levi.filimanov – 02/05/2016:

Thank you so much bro, I can message rob on here and find out for you.



5 out of 5

Cigarguy19 – 02/05/2016:
Like I said, the smell isn’t as strong as I’ve read about but it is kind of a metal smell. Dries out the area in which it is applied. However, dryness can be fixed. My first comment is still waiting approval after a few days. Hope you’re still there.

levi.filimanov – 02/05/2016:

Sorry bro didn’t see the comment come in, thank you for your honest review, maybe I can work on the dryness with the next batch.


5 out of 5

bango – 02/05/2016:

I have using this for 12 weeks and this week I’m seeing a change , I know dmso can big vasolidation , (right word?) but this is different the muscle is getting thicker.
My cousin ordered this too and she is using it because she having a sex to change into men. She say it save her so much euro because other gel is weak and expensive.
Thank you great Titan product,!!

5 out of 5

Amyra– 06/05/2016:

Thank you from Dubai!!!


5 out of 5

LUIS – 06/05/2016:

This is great, good customer service and very helpful.
I send this all the way from brazil!


5 out of 5

Cigarguy19 – 12/05/2016:

Wow Levi. I’m impressed. I’m starting to notice a bit of growth after 2 weeks. Thank you for making such a high percentage at a decent price. Bango is correct about the other product; low percentage and very high cost. Gives a nice tingle when applied too, lol. Must be the vasodialation. I should probably get my testosterone level checked to make sure it’s not getting too high. Thanks again.


5 out of 5

Steve – 16/05/2016:

Hi my name is steve and this has changed my life, no lie.. you deserve a nobel prize bro
I am logging this on bodybuilding.com amazing stuff.

  1. Please all follow me, I’m just an average joe, no affiliations.
    Huge thanks from Canada.


    Please follow steves log I hope he keeps it updated, the sale for Titan is still going on. If you post an honest review on the website by clicking the star rating below Titan then email me your review at orders@russianstarpeptides.com ,  your next order I will give you a free bottle of titan when you buy 2 bottles!!! Buy 2 get 1 free just for posting your review.

We need to spread the word and help other guys like steve who struggle with insecurities , and we all need your support to do this.

Thank you R.s


Ostarine : Doest it work for PCT?

Half life 23.8 hours
Why you need Ostarine (MK2866) in post cycle therapy.
The first question we need to ask, Is Ostarine suppressive? Since I first suggested the use of Ostarine in PCT over 3 years ago not much has changed. Ostarine is suppressive at certain doses but at the right dose it isn’t, it doesn’t allow for full recovery at any dose and this is very important, meaning PCT must be carried on after Ostarine is stopped.
So why use it?
When a steroid cycle is finished the body is extremely catabolic, with increased cortisol and lowered IGF eating away at your new muscle, Ostarine can prevent the immediate catabolism and allow for enough recovery to prevent this initial muscle loss.
Ostarine information.
These were my first experiences with this compound back in 2009.
Ok firstly some of you may have heard of S4 one of the first sarms available, its the most androgenic version, being 1/3 as much as testosterone on androgen receptors in the muscle. To be honest, its the weakest one of the sarms discovered so far, the Ostarine sARM is much better at promoting lean body mass, its more potent, has a longer half life and displays no androgenic effects, its entirely anabolic.
Now the dose you may see in studies that showed good lean mass increases was about 3mg-5mg per person, well before i recently started my myo-t12 log i ran MK-2866 or Ostarine for 40 days, being given a sample from a friend, i dosed it at 10mg  every day for 3 weeks 15mg for 1 week and 20mg for 1 weeks, and these are the results.
Weeks 1-3(10mg) ,mass increases +3lbs, round full muscles, and increased strength, not as hard looking as you get with s4, but very good quality, no bloat, no sides, absaloutley no vision problems, The taste is even better than s4… not hard to achieve mind you considering s4 tastes like urine with an electric current being passed through it, This weight gain was glycogen retention.
Week 4 (15mg),+ 2 lbs in 1 week so 5 lbs overall by this stage, no sides, and no increase or decrease in libido like i had with s4, Ostarine showed no effects on the testis in studies, and i would say its not just hype.
Week 5 + (20mg)2 lbs, i think that 15mg was just as effective, nice lean gains, and some fat loss, though i didnt measure my bmi wich is a shame, i compared s4 with anavar, id say that this is very similar to boldelone, but without any androgen activity, so probably more like primo.
Now i must admit i had blurry vision a few times during week 5, and a funny tingling in my side, and a little bit of a palpitation, (something i never get) after i had been running, so caution is advised, try a lower dose to check the results.
The metabolite M1 wich seems to cause toxicity in S4 doesnt seem to be in S1, As i say sides were only seen when using it at a much higher dose, so far its my favourite sarm, no need for regular doses with the 24 hour half life, One other thing i only really noticed after was that i was tired especialy weeks 4 and 5 most of the time, So 10mg seems to be perfect for gains without sides.
3 Months after this cycle and blood works showing slight suppression and an increase in oestrogen I held on to about 2lbs, but I had a better v taper which showed me that fat loss had been seen, sadly I hadn’t done a BMI check before or after.
My conclusions here
10mg is the correct amount for PCT , more than that will cause suppression, this enough to allow good recovery and keep hold of your gains.
If your cycling Ostarine as a solo cycle or stacked my suggestions will be provided below.
 Ostarine, The benefits as compared to Anabolic steroids.
By now most of you will have heard of sARMS, or selective ANDROGEN RECEPTOR MODULATORS, these new and pioneering supplements bind to the androgen receptor in pretty much the same way anabolic steroids such as Testosterone would, but in a novel and selective way, They exert many of the same anabolic effects that steroids do, but without many of the sides associated with other androgens. The Androgen Receptor plays a vital and significant role in the development and function of sexual organs, skeletal muscle, and bone, as well as other human organs ,When Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators bind to the receptor, they demonstrate powerful anabolic activity in both muscle and bone,(1) This is because they bind to the receptor and change its action in a novel way that is significantly different than typical androgen receptors stimulators such as synthetic androgens and non-synthetic androgens (Steroids) , and so they are able to alter the gene-transcription process in a manner that is tissue specific, in this particular case we are interested in its effects on bone and muscle. Ostarine exerts its effects in a very anabolic way, comparisons have been made with the Anabolic steroid Deca- Durabolin, This is because not only is increased muscle mass seen but it has a very positive effect on joints and bones aswell as nitrogen retention. Now most steroidal androgens convert to DHT or Estrogen so you have the increased chance of DHT related side effects, enlarged prostate for one, and hair loss if your prone, as well as a whole list of other potential DHT related side effects. And Estrogen causes a whole host too, Water retention (Edema), Hypertension (High blood pressure) and the unwelcomed and often hard to treat enlargement of the male breast tissue (Gyno)(2). You also get your own testosterone production shutdown on cycle so a Post cycle therapy protocol is essential to restore correct testosterone levels, even then the ongoing effects of impotence can be seen for many months after full testosterone recovery has been achieved. However those problems along with many others if the steroid of choice is a progestin, can to some degree be eradicated through science, and the development of these new sARMS.
Ostarine (OSTA-SARMS) Doesnt convert to DHT or display any of the side effects by Dihydrotestosterone. In blood tests a slight raise in estrogen levels can be seen, and that might be one of the key factors in its tremendous potential for treating tendon, ligament, and bone injuries or illnesses. It also displays a very anabolic effect on muscle tissue, causing considerbale and easy to maintain gains in muscle over 4-6 weeks, with little to no sides and no real PCT is needed afterwards, just a mild test booster like DAA.
 Another interesting aspect as opposed to your typical steroid is that sARMS remain very hard to detect for Anti-doping agencys as sARMS bypass in effect the well known 4 ring steroid structure, so they are not steroids, but yet sARMS exert many of the same performance enhancing effects that steroids do without the sides (3)
Ostarine, Unleashing its power.
The big question is how do you get the most bang for your buck from Osta-sarms/ MK-2866? Firstly we need to get some facts straight on what it is exactly, its half life and best dose. Ostarine has a half life of 23.8 hours, So a once a day dose is the most effective to get your biggest peak of blood plasma serum levels. Depending on your goals though there are a couple of doses i personaly would recommend.
Anabolic dosing.
Dosing at 24mg-36mg a day gave me my biggest gains in muscle and the best muscle pumps over a 4 week period, going higher than 36mg did not increase the gains in lbm or strength over the same period, for somone weighing 200lbs 24mg is enough to elicit very good anabolism, However for somone weighing above 210lbs, 36mg in experiments i carried out seemed to be a much better dose and offer better general lbm gain, with this dose muscle hardness can be seen to increase after about 6 days.
I suggest front loading Ostarine the first week, Close to double your intended dose, this will speed up the saturation of ostarine in the system and its affect on the androgen receptor.
These very same doses can be used on a cut, with decreased calories to maintain muscle, I highle recommend the use of Osta-sarms in this regard as even in a calorie surplus diet fat loss can be lost at quite a high rate 1-2lb a week, on a cut with added stimulants the loss of viceral fat can be increased exponentialy and muscle tone and hardness will also increase at a rapid rate revealing a ripped and cut physique thats also in a lot better state health wise than if a steroid was used to increase muscle retention during the same period of time.
Bone and tendon repair dosing. One of the outstanding facets of Ostarine is that it doesnt just build muscle, it increases tendon strength, improves the health of the ligaments, increases bone density and increases the rate at wich collagen is turned over. To achieve this a dose of 12mg ed is adequate, and promotes improvement in joint movement that can be seen after just 6-8 days, this dose is very effective for treating injuries like shin splints, and can be used post operation to help maintain muscle and speed up the recovery of the limb, (Bone/Tendon) that has been operated on.
Supplementation while using sARMS.
My favourite supplements wich seem to increase the effectivness of Ostarine are Creatine wich itself increases igf-1 levels,bone density, Lean body mass, and prevents the release of homocysteine thus preventing cardiovascular problems. Zinc and magnesium are a must as both are vital for increase in testosterone levels, androgen receptor sensitivity, and igf-1 levels to remain at a maximal level.
Ostarine in PCT summary.
Remember that you will not fully recover while using Ostarine even at the suggested dose of 10mg a day, which is enough to provide much needed anabolism while allowing recovery, Stopping Ostarine and continuing your pct for a couple of weeks is essential to ensure total recovery from your steroid cycle.
Combining Ostarine with a sERM, and an anti-estrogen , Aromasin or Formestane being my suggestions would be best.
In my next article we will look at the Perfect post cycle therapy with sARM’s
1.Selective androgen receptor modulators in preclinical and clinical development.
Narayanan R, Mohler ML, Bohl CE, Miller DD, Dalton JT. Preclinical Research and Development, GTx, Inc., Memphis, Tennessee, USA
2.J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2006 Dec;102(1-5):261-6.Prostate cancer risk in testosterone-treated men. Raynaud JP. Université Pierre & Marie Curie, 51 bvd Suchet, Paris 75016, France. 3.Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2008 Oct 15;18(20):5567-70. Epub 2008 Sep 5.Effect of B-ring substitution pattern on binding mode of propionamide selective androgen receptor modulators. Bohl CE, Wu Z, Chen J, Mohler ML, Yang J, Hwang DJ, Mustafa S, Miller DD, Bell CE, Dalton JT. Division of Pharmaceutics, College of Pharmacy, The Ohio State University, 500 West 12th Avenue, 242 L.M. Parks Hall, Columbus, OH 43210, USA
Kindest Regards Russianstar

ATD a potent anti-oestrogen

1,4,6 etiollochan-dione
Known as: ATD
Half life : 48 hours
Molar mass: 282
What is ATD?
1,4,6-Androstatrien-3,17-dione (ATD) is a potent irreversible A.I that inhibits estrogen biosynthesis by permanently binding and inactivating the Aromatase enzyme in the adipose tissue, (Fat cells) and in the surrounding peripheral tissue.
It can be used on cycle and during PCT to reduce estrogen and help recover natural testosterone production.
ATD has 90% androgenic activity in muscle tissue but only 10% androgenic activity in the hypothalamus. What this means is it helps you hold onto muscle and it also means that ATD blocks the Androgen-Negative-Feed-Back-Loop and aids in decreasing estrogen production while increasing natural testosterone production. Used on cycle it should help reduce shutdown, and prevent estrogen related sides.
How does it work?
There are two main negative feedback loops that we need to consider in PCT. The first is elevated estrogen levels from aromatase activity that will act on the hypothalamus to decrease GnRH production. The second is that elevated androgen levels stimulate androgen receptors in the hypothalamus causing decreased GnRH production. Decreased GnRH leads to reduced LH and FSH production, both of which are directly involved in testosterone production.
ATD combats this in a very interesting way.
ATD works for androgen activity the same way that Serm’s like Nolvadex block estrogen in breast tissue, but allows estrogen to have positive effects in other organs and tissues such as the liver and bone. ATD blocks androgens in the hypothalamus, but allows it to be active in the muscle, By doing this it increases GnRH production, increasing LH and FSH leading to increased testosterone.
ATD also lowers estrogen and is therefore able to increase GnRH from that angle also.
This is how it tricks your body into producing more testosterone.
How can it be used?
Obviously it can be used in PCT, but it has therapeutic affects on cycle, first it only has Anti-androgen affects in the hypothalamus, this means that along with it not interfering with any positive affects from AAS, it also means less shutdown as the androgenic or estrogenic affects of steroids are unable to cause shutdown in the same way as they would without ATD.
As it prevents estrogen and androgens from shutting down GnRH production, less HTPA shutdown takes place, and so recovery after stopping the steroid cycle is much easier.
What does is affective?
25mg a day of ATD on cycle will prevent a large measure of shutdown, obviously depending on what AAS are being used, higher amounts than this can cause severe joint pains and dryness..
During PCT you will notice a surge in libido and then libido drop off, so I suggest starting at 50mg a day, then tapering off this allows for estrogen and androgen levels to return to homeostatis, and it will also prevent estrogen or androgen rebound, prevent Acne and estrogen related rebound sides.
Points of interest.
ATD will give a positive sample as its metabolites are similar to that of the vetinary steroid Equipoise, so please keep this in mind.
Kindest regards Russianstar.

The Dangers of excess Estrogen.

Estrogen has a few misconceptions and hopefully this article will clear things up.
As an example, coffee boosts testosterone, but increases cortisol, cortisol lowers SHBG, and so you lower your testosterone estrogen ratio.
It isn’t elevated estrogen that is a problem, the reason is this, if estrogen is elevated, its likely Testosterone is too, and as long as the ratio for Testosterone to Estrogen is correct, EVERYTHING is ok, no need to worry.
In our youth The testosterone ratio can be around 50.1 that’s considered close to perfect. But anything around 30-40 is acceptable.
There are contributing factors as to why some guys are more prone to Estrogen related sides on a cycle.
These factors are.
High saturated fat diets.
Carrying a lot of fat weight.
There are also MEDs that can produce a marked change in Testosterone to estrogen ratio.
Using a PDE5 inhibitor
Using an Aromatase inhibitor.
Why is excess Estrogen dangerous?
Estrogen doesn’t cause Gynecomastia or GYNO for short!
Gyno is caused by an incorrect estrogen to androgen profile or ratio, the excess estrogen is trying to turn your body into a female, and as we are all aware the female characteristics most noticed are often larger breasts than in a male.
As long as the Ratio is correct this cant happen, The reason why people often suffer from rebound gyno, is they have very low test levels, and so your body is predominantly female. Hence the moods, etc.. or is that chauvinist?
The biggest dangers are the following..
Excess estrogen doubles your stroke risk.
This is a quote from the Mayo clinic
estradiol (a potent estrogen) were measured in a group of 2,197 men aged 71 to 93 years of age. Adjustment for age, hypertension, diabetes, adiposity, cholesterol, atrial fibrillation, and other characteristics were made. During the course of follow-up, men with the highest blood levels of estradiol had a 2.2-fold greater risk of stroke compared with those whose estradiol levels were lower.2This study revealed that estradiol blood levels greater than 34.1 pg/mL resulted in this more than doubling of stroke incidence. Life Extension long ago warned men to keep their estradiol levels below 30 pg/mL.”

Decreased Cardiovascular health

A study on middle aged men with high estrogen levels found out this very interesting observation made by researchers again at the Mayo clinic.

“Ultrasound measurement of the carotid artery wall provides an accurate prognostic indicator of arterial disease. The findings in this study show progression of carotid artery intima-media thickness in men with higher estradiol levels. Greater carotid artery intima-media thickness sharply correlates with increased risks of heart attack and stroke”

Increased risk of Rheumatoid arthritis

Levels of estradiol in rheumatoid arthritis patients are higher and DHEA levels lower compared with those who dont suffer from chronic inflammation. This corresponds to studies showing that high estrogen levels can increase C-reactive protein, which is the most accurate marker for systemic inflammation. Elevated C-reactive protein is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease in healthy individuals.
The list goes on and on.
Low fat diets for better Test/estrogen ratios 
We are all aware, that high estrogen levels cause you to store more fat, which doesn’t look good and ist healthy.
But did you know the diets high in saturated fats, especially on steroid cycles can play havoc with your Testosterone estrogen ratio?
Most people think low fat diets are not good for keeping your sex hormones optimal, but research and science actually shows otherwise.
One study found that                                    estradiol (the “bad” estrogen or E2) fell from 47.2 to 23.8 pg/ml                         on average, which is obviously a big change.                          This is a reduction of over 50% and cut their estrogen levels in half!  And the remarkable thing is that their testosterone stayed steady before and                         after at 510 ng/dl.
So instead of damaging their testosterone ratio, their test stayed the same, and estradiol dropped! Improving their ratios, actually it nearly doubled the ratio in favour of Testosterone.
On a steroid cycle high fat diets not only affect the amount of estrogen converted , but decrease the effectiveness of the steroid cycle, and the health implications of higher estrogen and excess fat have already been outlined above.
Being Fat
You wouldnt be surprised to find that people with a BMI above 25, and below 25
when compared often have an estrogen ratio difference of about 12 – 17, which corresponds to a 42 percent difference in estrogen.
However we all know that most bodybuilders BMI will make them obese, even if they have very low bodyfat. In my previous articles we would of seen that the more aromatase the more estrogen and the more estrogen, the less testosterone.
 Excess body weight is correlated with both lowered testosterone and increased                         estrogen.  Stomach fat actually deactivates DHT, and it converts at greater amounts the more layers of belly fat you have to,  5alpha-androstane 3alpha 17beta-diol this is a very potent estrogen as is 5alpha-androstane 3beta 17beta-diol, The longer you’ve been fat, the greater the enzymatic deactivation of DHT and the greater the conversion into these potent estrogens, Both of which are responsible for increased water retention, leading to higher blood pressure! Ever wondered why your blood pressure often spikes on a cycle, Well if your fat this might just open your eyes.
The less body fat you have, the better your testosterone estrogen ratio will be during the steroid cycle. And of course after during PCT.
The benefits of a PDE5 inhibitor.
If your a little overweight, or struggling with your libido and erections, then your self esteem lowers, And time and time again after a steroid cycle, and during ive seen guys crash, this is nearly always because of excess estrogen, not elevated estrogen. I hate all this bro science garbage, get it right guys, estrogen is important for libido, if your libido is gone its either, your Testosterone estrogen ratio is wrong, so either too much test or too little estrogen, Or the other way around. Or very little DHT conversion or activation, if your fat this is likely along with having a poor estrogen ratio. Prolactin is very rarely is the culprit unless you have used a Nor-steroid, like Deca.
Using a PDE5 inhibitor causes an increase in nitric oxide, bam, You are able to have sexual intercourse, One study showed an improvement of the estrogen testosterone ratio by a staggering 24% after sex.
 What is very interesting is                         that in the above study, testosterone only increased 5.5% on average but                         estrogen lowered by about 15%. So if you cant get an erection, a PDE5 inhibitor mare really help your post cycle crash, if you don’t need one, sex could be your biggest help.
Using an aromatase inhibitor
For arguments sake lets use Arimidex, its a really well known A.I
In a well documented study it showed that in hypogonadal                         senior men, the T/E ratio was increased on average by 115%.  It produced an increase of                         62% in testosterone and a 24% decrease in estradiol.
On a cycle where there will be a large amount of conversion to estrogen, it might not be needed unless you see the signs of high estrogen levels, water retention, high blood pressure, then dosing accordingly is important, you don’t want to kill your estrogen levels, not only will it hamper gains, but no estrogen is very very bad for your health, and causes a tremendous amount of internal damage.
All you want to do is keep the ratio to a healthy level, so don’t leave things to chance, regular check ups are needed.
If you destroy estrogen, it comes back with a bang when you stop taking you A.I, and that can pose a big problem, as it comes back much harder than testosterone does, throwing your ratio in favour of estrogen and leading to rebound gyno etc.
So tapering off your A.I during PCT is a must, its not bro science, it is a science, and anyone who says otherwise should not be handing out guidance.
There are many other causes of GYNO but here we are just looking at excess estrogen.
As long as testosterone is always higher by about 35 percent than estrogen, your health and libido will rarely suffer, if you have a healthy bodyfat level, if you don’t then lose weight, and you might be surprised to see a large increase in your baseline testosterone levels.
Until next time, stay safe, and keep that excess estrogen under control.


The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Jul 2006, 3(4):716-722,                         “Testosterone:Estradiol Ratio Changes Associated with Long-Term Tadalafil                         Administration: A Pilot Study”

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